Best DIY Projects for Any Bedroom

DIY headboard for any bedroom

Bedrooms are where dreams are made, fun happens, plans are plotted, and peace is felt. Is your bedroom full of all of these things? If your bedroom isn’t giving you those vibes, it is time to change things up so that you can have your own place of wonder. I love refreshing bedrooms! I’ve done girl rooms, boy rooms, master bedrooms, you name it. Here’s my list of the best DIY projects for any bedroom. 

besy DIY bedroom projects

Wood Accent Wall

Refreshing the walls in your bedroom with a wood accent wall is a great idea if you are looking to make a statement. Or, even if you aren’t looking to make a statement, wood accent walls are an excellent option for creating some change in your space. There are lots of ways that you can create a wood accent wall. My top 3 favorite styles of wood accent walls are board and batten, angled accent walls, and wood slat walls. Check out this post where I go into detail about how to create each one. 

wood accent walls are a great bedroom DIY


Another fun way to update the walls in your bedroom (or honestly any wall in your home) is with wallpaper. The old-school wallpaper borders of our childhood have been replaced with gorgeous murals and dreamy scapes. There are countless styles and patterns available ranging from traditional (permanent) wallpaper to removable wallpaper that easily transform any bedroom. 

use wallpaper to transform your bedroom


While we are talking about walls, we can’t ignore paint. Paint is the OG when it comes to DIY. We use it so often because it is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to revive anything, especially a bedroom. If you want a crisp clean feeling in your bedroom try refreshing your walls with a fresh coat of white paint. Or if you are looking for more of a moody vibe, paint your walls a modern green shade. Paint is transformative and can do so much!

paint your walls to change up your bedroom


Creating your own headboard is one of the best DIY projects for any bedroom. Purchasing headboards can be really expensive, but they are easy to DIY on your own. I have been wanting a headboard for the longest time, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and make my own. I used a sheet of plywood, one XL twin mattress pad, a pair of curtain panels, and created something stunning. Can you believe it came together for only $80?!? Check out my full tutorial here

DIY headboard for any bedroom

Updating existing furniture

While we are talking about furniture, let’s talk about how easy it is to update furniture you already have in your home. I have been known to give nightstands a new look by adding new legs. Or even modernizing Ikea dressers to add a new style to a nook in bedrooms. Part of the reason I love DIY is that it gives us a chance to find creative solutions to updating our homes. You can totally breathe new life into what you already have with paint, hardware, legs, etc.!

repurpose your own bedroom furniture




Creating or framing art is a great DIY project that can be used in any bedroom. Something about large artwork just speaks to me. Are you team large wall art or large impact with smaller art? Either way, art is a great way to tie together multiple elements in one bedroom. I’ve been known to create art from wood, printables, engineer prints, and even shower curtains. (Yes, you read that right!) You can also create beautiful frames for art that you already have to give a new look. 

art DIY are great for bedrooms


You need a place in your bedroom to put your beautiful artwork! If you don’t want the artwork to stand alone on the walls, try DIYing shelves. There are so many fun and creative ways to build shelves. I’ve created floating shelves, corner shelves, and even an art ledge. All you have to do is figure out what will work in your space and go for it! 

shelves add to any bedroom DIY


A desk is another affordable and impactful DIY project for a bedroom. I love having a space in each of my kid’s rooms where they can have their own space to work and create. I even added a built-in desk to my master bedroom. If you have been thinking about adding a study/workspace into one of your bedrooms, check out my step-by-step guide for building a stylish and affordable wood desk.  

DIY besk for your bedroom refresh

Light Fixtures

I love adding lighting projects to any bedroom refresh when I am looking to tie a space together because they can add such a wow factor. There are so many amazing options for light fixtures out there. Most are easy to install, but did you know you can also create your own light fixtures? I created a hanging rope light for my son’s bedroom that was so cool. It’s something you could totally DIY too. Check out my tutorial. No matter what your space is, I know there’s a light fixture out there that will tie your space together. 

light fixture DIY for any bedroom

Ceiling Treatments

The last on my list of best DIY projects for any bedroom is ceiling treatments. When we start planning bedroom renovations, typically we forget about ceilings. But, when we take the time to add some flair up above us it completely changes everything. In my son’s cloud-inspired room I added a faux beam ceiling with black shiplap boards. I was nervous to go with black, but it paid off. Adding a dark color with a unique texture gave the room more dimension. Check out my full tutorial here. You can add anything from wood beams to removable wallpaper to your ceilings to make a statement. 

switch up your ceiling with a DIY

Best DIY Projects for Any Bedroom

I’ve given you the best of the best DIY Projects for Any Bedroom. Which project are you going to tackle first? Remember, we can all have those Pinterest-worthy bedrooms when we stop pinning and start doing. Come follow along my DIY journey on Instagram and TikTok @angelarosehome. I am always creating something. 

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