My Top 3 Favorite White Paint Colors

Check out my top 3 favorite white paint colors.

White paint is just white paint, right? I hate to say it, but no. There are so many different shades of white paint out there. Each shade has different overtones and undertones which will reflect differently in each room. I wish there was a generic shade of white that could fit every space perfectly. Maybe that should be my next project? Instead of spending hours trying to find the perfect shade of white paint, I thought I would share my top 3 favorite white paint colors to take out the guesswork and make your DIY dreams happen faster.

Inside scoop on white paint colors.

Paint Color # 1-Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore 

I LOVE Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore, that’s why I had to include it in my top 3 favorite white paint colors. My main walls, ceilings, and baseboards are all painted in Chantilly Lace. If the wall isn’t an accent wall, just assume it’s painted with this shade of white. The reason I love Chantilly Lace so much is that it is a true white without crazy undertones. The color of your white paint can change from room to room because of undertones and how much light the room gets, but Chantilly Lace stays very consistent across the board. I love that I can use this shade in dark and bright rooms and it still comes across the way I want it to! 

Check out my top 3 favorite white paint colors.

Pro Tip: Remember that you want to use different paint finishes in different locations throughout your house. You can still use the same shade of white, but each finish serves a different purpose. For ceilings, I always pick a flat finish so that the paint doesn’t reflect the imperfections. When it comes to walls, I want a paint finish that is easy to wipe down because we’ve got kids at our house. That is why my preferred paint finish for walls is eggshell. Make sure you don’t forget about your baseboards. You need a finish that is going to have more durability and wipe-ability. I love using satin on baseboards because it has a little more shine which helps the baseboards stand out, plus it is going to hold up against everyday life.

Paint Color #2-Silver Satin by Benjamin Moore

Silver Satin by Benjamin Moore is my second favorite white paint color. It is a sleek shade of white with crisp lavender-gray undertones. When I refreshed my staircase to make it more modern, I took out the carpet and painted the stairs with Silver Satin to accent the white treads.

Clean up your space with my favorite white paint colors.

When I do a big renovation, like my staircase, I’m always amazed at the difference a fresh coat of paint can make! I find myself tempted to paint other spaces while I’ve got the paint out. If you want to make a room feel more clean, Silver Satin would be an awesome option. Before you get started, make sure you grab your paint guide and angled brush to in order to get crisp straight edges

Paint Color #3-Steam Gray by Rustoleum

If you are looking for a white paint color for DIY projects, Rustoleum Home Paint in Steam Gray is what you are looking for. I know, the name has the word gray in it, but I promise it is a shade of white. Rustoleum’s Steam Gray is a softer white which is a great base color for projects. I used it for a soft white in my laundry room reno, but it is also perfect for furniture, tile, and crafting. 



BONUS-Sharpie White Paint Pen

I’m cheating a bit, but I have to include the Sharpie White Paint Pen as a bonus white paint color. While the Sharpie White Paint Pen isn’t a shade of white, it is a tool that will make your DIY projects so much easier. This pen is convenient for smaller projects, but I wouldn’t paint a whole wall with a Sharpie pen. Can you imagine how long that would take? You guys, I can’t even. I know how long it took to paint the quote on my garage wall, trust me don’t even joke about painting a full wall with the pen. The Sharpie pen was a dream to finish off my quote wall and would also be great for accent walls, a hand-painted wallpaper finish, or even crafts. 

White paint colors are trending.

My Top 3 Favorite White Paint Colors

Using white paint in your home creates endless possibilities. Whether you are reinstating crisp clean walls or accenting natural wood, you need to find a white paint that you love as much as I love my top 3 favorite white paint colors. Alright, I’ve got to know, what are you going to paint white? Tag me @angelarosehome on Instagram when you post pictures of your projects. I love seeing what happens when you stop pinning and start doing. If you are looking for other DIY projects come hang out with me on Instagram and TikTok. I’ve always got something going on!

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