How to Decorate with Floral Printables

Try changing your space with floral printables.

There are times when a room needs a pick me up, but you don’t have a ton of money to spend. Printables are a great way to keep things changing without breaking the bank. There are so many different types of printables to choose from, but honestly, the florals are speaking to me right now. Knowing how to decorate with floral printables is going to change your space in a seemingly small but super impactful way.

Try floral printables for a Summer refresh.

Refresh Your Home for Summer

When the weather changes, it is fun to refresh things around your home. I love using floral printables for that. You can switch them out seasonally to reflect the seasons or even to show off the vibes you are feeling.

Do you have a gallery wall in your house? That would be an awesome place to incorporate floral printables this summer. I created a gallery wall in the main entry of my home when I was refreshing the space. Currently, I have pictures of my family in this area, but it would be a great space to switch things up with some floral printables. Mixing printables with photos is a fun way to create interest and draw attention. Especially when your floral printables compliment the other photos around them.

Try adding floral printables in a gallery wall.

Using Floral Printables Around Your Home

A great space you can decorate with floral printables for a summer refresh around your home are floating shelves. I love a great floating shelf, whether it’s in the corner of the room or in a hallway, or even maximizing space in a bathroom. Floating shelves are an easy DIY project that makes your home feel more customized and are a great place to feature floral printables. They can be styled with different types of frames that highlight your printables as well as trinkets and plants. My favorite places to find home decor are Target, McGee&Co, Serena and Lily, Crate and Barrel, and Wayfair. All you need are the right accents and then your printables will pop.

You also can’t go wrong with adding floral printables on end tables and dressers. Most times we forget to add a little extra something on the tops of these smaller areas. Adding a floral printable shows thoughtfulness and is like tying the ribbon on top of a present. Small places become special serving a bigger purpose beyond holding everyday items. 

Add Freshness to Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is also a great place to bring in the outdoors. Often times we turn to herbs to create a sense of freshness in the kitchen, but floral printables are a unique way to refresh the space too. Don’t get me wrong, I love herbs in the kitchen! Just think of floral printables as a way to compliment the fresh herbs and sense of creativity that lives in the central hub of the kitchen. And since printables can be sized in any way, they can serve as more of an accent in your kitchen by sitting on a countertop or as a featured statement piece by being framed on a wall.

Freshen up your kitchen with floral printables.

Favorite Decor for Little Girls Rooms

I also think that floral printables were made to bring life and personality to little girls rooms. They bring the outdoors in and add a bit of whimsy. Floral printables add a feminine touch without taking over the space. It can be a great accent for girls that may not be wanting a whole fairy garden in their room. I dig florals either way. My niece asked for me to redo her room so I created a room that has fairy garden vibes, but my daughter has different accents in her room that sparks her creativity. I can totally picture my daughter playing in her bunk room looking at a floral printable and being transported into a daydream of roaming large flower fields without any care.

Where to Find My Favorite Floral Printables

I am talking a lot about floral printables, and I bet you are wondering where I got mine. Recently I asked my cousin, Jamie Hill, to make some floral printables for me. You guys, I cannot get over them! She created a floral bouquet printable accompanied by a printable of an individual poppy flower and black-eyed Susan. They could each stand-alone individually or make a beautiful statement together. 



Now that you know how to decorate with floral printables you are going to want to start putting them up everywhere. It is such a great project that is doable for any level of DIY, but especially great for those of us looking for something quick and easy. I love tackling all sorts of projects, whether they are big or small so, come hang out with me on Instagram @angelarosehome and TikTok. Just remember magic will start happening around you when you stop pinning and start doing!

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