DIY Cloud-Inspired Boy’s Bedroom Makeover

Diy boy's bedroom makeover

DIY Cloud-Inspired Boy’s Bedroom Makeover

I finally finished my son Blake’s bedroom makeover and I’m so happy I could cry! At the start of 2022, this room was just a vision in my head and it’s been so amazing to make it come to life. DIYing has helped me grow as a person and become more and more confident in who I am and what I can accomplish. I’m so proud of this DIY cloud-inspired boy’s bedroom makeover. and I’m proud of myself for making my dreams a reality. 

If you’re wanting to start your own DIY projects, do it! It will change your life! And beginning with a project like DIYing each piece in a bedroom is a great place to start. This project took me 4 months to finish and I was able to take my time with each part of the room and really get creative. And now each shelf, light fixture, and DIYed door have so much more meaning to me because I built them! Let me show you what I did.

DIY Cloud-inspired boy's bedroom makeover

Boys’ Cloud-Inspired Wallpaper & Slat Wall Makeover

It’s always good to start a DIY project with a fresh coat of paint, or in this case, wallpaper! When I found this cloud-like wallpaper from AnewalI I knew it was too perfect not to use. It makes such a beautiful impact on the whole room. And I learned the hard way that although it is possible to put up wallpaper solo, having 2 people makes it SO much easier. For more wallpapering tips you can read my blog post about that here.

And as if cloud-ocean walls weren’t enough, I also decided to install a statement slat wall. And I’m so happy I did! It brought a beautiful natural texture and neutral color into the room. And it was so fun to build! You can see exactly how I did it in my blog post here and the solo trip in Joshua Tree that inspired it here. 

DIY Boys Bedroom Faux Beam Ceiling Makeover

After finishing the walls I painted the window frames black and then moved on to the ceiling. If there’s one area of the room that’s often overlooked during a remodel, it’s the ceiling.  I wanted to try something new for my son’s room, so I decided to build a DIY shiplap ceiling with faux beams. I knew this added touch would really give the oasis feeling I was going for. Doing this shiplap and cross beam ceiling really makes the room come alive. This is why I love DIY! You can take any room in your house to the next level with personal touches.

Diy cloud-inspired boy's bedroom reveal

DIY Bedroom Corner Shelves and Hanging Rope Light

Next, I moved on to adding a couple of fun fixtures to the room; corner shelves and a hanging rope light. The 4 corner shelves that I built and installed were an easy way to create a little book storage moment and leave my son space to display any pictures or awards that he wants. And the rope light has quickly become one of my son’s favorite parts of his room. I mean what little boy wouldn’t love a jungle vine light? It’s so fun! And don’t worry, the hooks we installed only support 7lbs, so it’s safe! The hanging rope light was a really simple DIY project that has added so much life to the room. Sometimes it’s the small details that really bring a space together.



DIY Boys Bedroom Trundle Bed

Anyone can go out and buy a bed frame, but DIYing your own trundle bed is way more fun! To start, I bought the Vitval trundle base from Ikea and then built everything around it. Building this bed frame was like playing a giant game of adult Tetris. I had to do a lot of measuring and planning to make sure the lower mattress would slide in and out perfectly. And all of my hard work paid off when I saw how much my kids love it! You can learn exactly how I put it together, the supplies I used, and how to build your own trundle bed in my blog post here

DIY boy's bedroom makeover

DIY Closet Shelves and Doors     

This closet makeover was absolutely essential to upgrading this room. By adding 2 Ikea Kallax shelves and some baskets this closet went from a boring space with very little storage to the coolest storage-filled-closet-complete-with-a-desk EVER. I love it. And my mom-self loves that there is now a place for all of his clothes, rollerblades, Nerf guns, and other toys to hide. I also updated the old mirror doors on his closet for under $20. And I painted them to match the shiplap beams on the ceiling. I love it when a room comes together!

Diy kid's cloud-inspired bedroom makeover ideas

DIY Boys Bedroom Decor

The final step in this DIY boy’s bedroom makeover was to add some room decor. I wanted to do something extra special for this and decided to make a custom stained glass piece to hang in the window. To do this, I had to learn how stained glass items are created. I started with a child’s stained glass kit and spent a little time with my kids coming up with ideas for the design. Then I went to a custom stained glass shop, Glass Art Studio, in Las Vegas and worked with them on this special piece. They were extremely helpful and did a great job helping my vision come to life. If you’re ever in the area you have to check them out! 

For the last touches to bring the room together, I added a rug from Article and a rattan nightstand from Crate and Barrel, a few plants, and the room was complete. All of these details really help the cloud vibe come through for this room. It’s easy to forget these things when you’re tired from working on a project for a few months, but when I take the time to really finish off a project, I just love it so much more. And bonus, my son loves it, too!

DIY kid's cloud-inspired bedroom makeover ideas

DIY Cloud-Inspired Boy’s Bedroom Makeover

It might sound silly but this DIY cloud-inspired boy’s bedroom makeover was just what I needed. Every project I do has a way of taking on its own journey. It can be messy in the process, but it always turns out beautiful! What a great life lesson to remember. Thank you all for supporting me and being there for me through all of my mistakes and successes along the way. We’re all just doing our best! Be sure to follow along with my latest DIY projects on Instagram @angelarosehomeRemember, stop pinning and start doing!

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