Unique Light Fixtures to Fit Any DIY Refresh

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Light fixtures are a great way to make a big change in your space. I love adding lighting to my home when I am looking to tie a space together because they can add such a wow factor. There are so many amazing options out there, but I want you to have the best of the best! I am sharing my favorite unique light fixtures to fit any DIY refresh. No matter what your space is, I’ve got a light fixture on this list that I’m sure you’ll love! 

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Switching out light fixtures to refresh a space is an easy DIY that anyone can do. And don’t worry, even if the wiring isn’t right where you want your fixtures to go I’ve got you covered with some hacks. For this post, I figured instead of just telling you about my favorite light fixtures, I would show you where I have used them in my DIY projects. That way, you can see how the lighting details really pop when they are added to any space. 

Natural Weave Dome Light- Nursery Refresh

Were you here with me when my DIY dream team and I had the privilege of creating a beautiful nursery to welcome a miracle baby into the home of our favorite couple in Atlanta?  It was a whirlwind of a week with Making Pretty Spaces and Frills and Drills, but the space was remarkable! And, it was an absolute honor to create a beautiful room for an amazing couple.

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In this room, we tied everything together with KOUBOO’s open weave cane rib dome hanging ceiling lamp. The hand-woven dome is so dreamy and brought in a natural feel to the nursery. The fixture is also really low-maintenance which was perfect for busy parents watching out for their newest little love. We used the lighting dome in the nursery, but it could be used in any room where you are looking to bring in more natural elements. 

Wall Sconces- Modern Hallway Refresh

I loved the antique brass vintage wall sconces from Passica Decor and knew they had to go in the hallway when I decided to update it, even if I didn’t have the wiring in place. The timeless antique brass and white fabric shade spoke to me.  I could see this wall sconce as a great addition to any refresh you are tackling. Maybe in your bathroom on either side of a mirror, above the sink in your kitchen, or even in a bedroom next to your bed. 

You may be wondering, how are the lights going to work? Battery powered Puck lights! I used one in each of my sconces. You can attach them in a lot of different ways like wire, super glue, etc. But, once the lights are attached, you can turn them on and off with the remote they come with.

Pro Tip: If your wall isn’t wired for lights, but you want to add them, try the puck light hack. All you need to do is take the screws off of the light fixture and remove the mounting plate. Then attach the mounting plates to the wall. I had to use self-tapping screws for this step. Self-tapping screws act like a pre-drill and go into the wall a lot easier. Once the mounting plates are on, attach your light fixture and put the screws back in. 

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After completing countless projects in my home, I still felt like something was missing so I tackled the challenge of modernizing our hallway. To some, it may have seemed silly to update a hallway, but our small hallway felt bare and neglected so I changed it. I didn’t even let electrical wiring get in the way! 



Hanging Light- Cloud-Inspired Bedroom 

At the start of 2022, I  had a vision for a DIY cloud-inspired boy’s bedroom makeover and I’m proud of myself for making my dreams a reality. The project took me 4 months to complete because I DIY’ed each piece of my son’s bedroom, including an amazing hanging light!

DIY your own light www.angelarosehome.com

I knew this space needed lighting that was unique and different so I added my DIY flair to a hanging light. To get this look, I  started with a basic hanging lantern cord cable and used twisted manilla jute rope to level up the cord and make the fixture feel more natural. All that was left was installing the lightbulb. This light fixture isn’t super traditional, but it is an easy DIY that anyone can do. 

Pro Tip: An easy way to create flair with your fixtures (or make a simple fixture more interesting) is to use a cool lightbulb. You can order them online or find a lot at the big box home improvement stores, too. Using a specialty lightbulb makes the whole fixture way cooler.

Pendant Lights- Kitchen Renovation

I used a few different light fixtures in my kitchen renovation, but I have to talk about the Fett pendant lights first. They were a bigger spend, but I needed all their pendant drama to bring a bold statement to stand against the floor-to-ceiling cabinetry I chose.

The Fett pendant lights have a wonderfully imperfect texture that adds dimension to any space. And the domed silhouette is extremely deep which gave height to my kitchen. I know these pendants are pricey, but they were worth every penny. I know you will love them if decide to incorporate them into your DIY refresh. 

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I also used farmhouse industrial sconces above the sink in my kitchen renovation. These sconces fit perfectly above my sink, but I think they would be amazing in any DIY refresh. The adjustable light helps you direct light exactly where you want it to go. And the metal finishes make a statement without trying to. 

Artwork Display Lamp- Hallway Cabinet Storage 

In my hallway cabinet storage, I kind of cheated in the lighting department. I knew I wanted a light above the gorgeous print I got from @juniperprintshop, but the space wasn’t wired for it. I know I shared the puck light hack earlier, but the artwork display lamp from Joosenhouse wasn’t compatible with puck lights. So, to get the look I wanted, I installed the artwork light knowing it would never work. Beauty can be more important than function, right? Look at the light fixture in this space though…so worth it right? The moral of the story is to do what makes you happy when you are refreshing spaces. 

art lights are a great way to add drama ewww.angelarosehome.com

Pro-Tip: To install a light without wiring it, you remove the metal plate from the light fixture, screw the metal plate to the wall, and attach the light fixture to the metal plate. 

Decorative Ceiling Fan-Niece’s Bedroom Makeover

I know I said beauty can outweigh function (which I really do believe), but sometimes it just can’t. That was the case when I refreshed my niece’s room. I needed a light fixture that was both pretty and functional so I went with the Savannah matte white dry ceiling fan. The matte white metal mixed with the natural wood detailing sets this indoor/outdoor fan apart from all others. My niece loved this fan in her room (check out her reaction) and I know you will too!

lights can have both beauty and function www.angelarosehome.com

Unique Light Fixtures to Fit any DIY Refresh

I’ve given you a light fixture (or two) for almost any room in the house. Which one will you be adding to your next DIY project? There are so many unique light fixtures to fit any DIY refresh. Remember, we can transform our homes into those designer Pinterest images we love. We just have to stop pinning and start doing. Also, don’t forget that I am your cheerleader and here to help while you are making your DIY dreams come to life.  Be sure to connect with me on Instagram and TikTok. I am always up to something and sharing my DIY projects.


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