What You Need to Know Before Getting New Flooring in Your Home

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There is one part of your home that you use consistently every day…your floors. Taking on a flooring project is a BIG decision because not only do you want the floors to be functional for your family, but if you are anything like me, you want them to be beautiful too. Plus, flooring is expensive! If you are spending the money, you better love it. Am I right? I am getting ready to replace the flooring in my home and have definitely felt overwhelmed trying to figure it all out. So, I am going to tell you what you need to know before getting new flooring in your home, and how using a payment option like a Discover personal loan can keep your project on track. 

what to know before getting new flooring www.angelarosehome.com

A lot goes into getting new flooring. It can be such a big project, and also so fun! Let me walk you through the first steps to take. 

Steps to Replacing Flooring: 

  1. Research the best type of flooring for your home and your needs 
  2. Know your budget 
  3. Put your plan into action 

get new floors in your home www.angelarosehome.com

Researching the Best Flooring for Your Home

There are so many amazing flooring options available to choose from. Right now, the top trending flooring options are tile, engineered hardwood, LVP (Luxury Vinyl Planks), and Stoneform flooring. One reason these flooring options are trending is that they flow seamlessly throughout open floor plans. They are easy to clean, durable, and beautiful. Move over carpet! You have seen your time and we are all moving on. 

You cannot go wrong with any of these top 4 floor choices. It all comes down to what you prefer. When I decided I was going to replace the flooring downstairs, I knew I had to find a product that I could use for the entire first floor that would be easy to clean, hold up with kids, and flow from room to room. I’ve been doing my research to find what will work best for us. So, let’s dive into the top trends in flooring, and then I’ll share which one I chose! 

Benefits of Tile Flooring

Most of us grew up with some form of tile flooring in our family homes. Does anyone else have memories of being assigned to mop the tile floors on their chore list as a kid? There is a good reason that tile has always been popular and continues to be a leading option for flooring.

Tile flooring is really easy to clean and maintain. Not to mention it is super durable. It typically costs between $1-$20 per square foot. Though you can totally find some gorgeous options for  $2-$4 per square. If you are considering flooring for a busy home with a lot of high-traffic areas, tile is a great option. 

I also love having an option on my list that not only lasts a very long time but is sustainable and eco-friendly. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are created from clay which is a sustainable resource. And, tile flooring keeps your home cool! I can appreciate this a lot since I live in Las Vegas. 

Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring

If you like the look of hardwood floors but don’t love the price tag, you should consider going with engineered hardwood floors. Engineered hardwood products cost less to purchase and install because of their layered wood technology. The surface of the flooring has a top layer of real wood (which gives it a real wood look) and is finished off with a high-quality plywood core. Lower-end engineered hardwood products range from $3-$5 a square foot while higher-end products range from $3-$13 a square foot. 

Not only is the price point for engineered hardwood reasonable, but it’s also temperature and moisture-resistant. Now, this doesn’t mean engineered hardwood won’t warp, but the shrinking and swelling are a lot less than with traditional hardwood. To keep this type of flooring in good condition, I wouldn’t suggest using it in an area that is very wet because the product cannot be refinished. 

Like tile, engineered hardwood is also an environmentally-friendly choice which means engineered hardwoods are not only good for the earth but will also last a long time. Bonus—engineered hardwoods look amazing! 

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Benefits of LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) Flooring

One of the first things to think about when choosing new flooring is who will be walking on it. Does your flooring need to stand up to kids and/or pets? This might affect which flooring you choose in the end. LVP (luxury vinyl plank) is the top choice for homes with kids and pets. It is known for being waterproof and can handle spilled drinks, wet towels, and shoes. Not to mention anything else life throws at it! LVP is also ultra-durable. You can enjoy your home without worrying about your investment because it has a strong protective layer that makes the product scratch resistant and easy to clean. 

Like any product, there are a variety of LVP materials on the market, but the great news is that all of them are very affordable. The average cost of LVP is $3-$12 per square foot, but most of the higher-end materials rarely cost more than $10 per square foot. 

Benefits of Stoneform Flooring

The last type of trending flooring on my list today is Stoneform. Stoneform flooring is a newer product on the market, and I am falling in love with it! It is actually the product I decided to go with and I can’t wait to see how it looks in my new home. 

What makes Stoneform flooring so unique? It’s comprised of nearly 70% limestone and 30% virgin PVC. It provides all the benefits of natural wood and stone flooring without all the upkeep and hassle of other flooring options. 

I decided that I wanted to use Stoneform in my home because it is super durable and will be able to handle everything that comes along with my family. It is 100% waterproof like LVP which makes it unaffected by mildew, mold, rot, and bacteria. So, if my kids forget to pick up a wet towel or spill juice when I am not looking, the floor will be safe. Plus, Stoneform holds its shape and structure without warping or cracking which is the perfect fit for the desert climate that I live in. 

Stoneform flooring products are not only breathtaking; they also don’t break the bank. Who doesn’t love that? The average cost for Stoneform is $4-$6 per square foot which makes it very comparable to the other trending products I’ve spoken about here. 

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Know the Flooring Budget for Your Home 

Now that you know which flooring types you like, it’s time to talk about your budget. If you are anything like me, you want a quality product that is not overly expensive. The key is to know what you want to spend and stay within the range you have decided. Though I’d say always plan to spend more than you think. 

To get a better idea of what your project will cost, here is a breakdown of the trending flooring options side by side: 

  • Tile (average cost is $1-$20 per square foot) 
  • Engineered Hardwood (average cost is $3-$13 per square foot) 
  • LVP (average cost is $3-$12 per square foot) 
  • Stoneform (average cost is $4-$6 per square foot) 

Replacing flooring is a big undertaking that requires a decent-sized budget. The Stoneform product I’ve been looking at costs $5.50 a square foot and will need to cover my entire first floor (which is a ton of square footage). Don’t let the dollar signs discourage you. You can get what you want without having to settle. 

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How To Pay For Your Project 

Now that you have your product and your budget, it’s time to make sure you have the funds you need. Have you ever thought about using a personal loan to help manage the cost? Discover Personal Loans can be a great option. 

I love that Discover Personal Loans lets you design your loan around your project and budget. Most people get a decision the same day. 

And, with a personal loan from Discover, you can have your money sent as soon as the next business day after acceptance, so you can get your project started faster. How cool is that? 

With a personal loan for home improvements, Discover lets you customize a loan to your project and budget and offers loans between $2,500 and $35,000 with flexible repayment terms. They don’t charge origination fees or prepayment penalties. No matter if you’re renovating a kitchen, building furniture, or replacing flooring, you could get the funds you need to complete your project. 

Also, keep in mind that projects almost always cost more than you think they are going to, even when you have planned and saved. Experts say to add 10% to project budgets to account for unexpected issues that may come up. There is nothing worse than having to stop a project when something unexpected happens. Make sure to build that into your budget, and any requested loan amount. 

All you have to do now is figure out how much money you want to spend and put your plan into action! Like I always say…Stop pinning. Start doing. 



Put Your Plan into Action

It’s action time, baby! This is my favorite part of any project because you get to see everything come together. All you have to decide is whether you are going to be installing the flooring yourself or if this is a project you would rather have installed for you. Then, all the planning and research will pay off because your flooring dreams are coming true! I know as I have been working through these planning steps, I have felt more relieved the closer it gets to having the flooring installed. I am not quite there yet, but here’s a breakdown of how it has been going for me so far. 

#1 Research the best flooring for your home- While I love all of the trending products that are available, the Stoneform flooring products just speaks to me! The texture and color of the Stoneform flooring as well as the fact that it requires minimal upkeep have been winning me over. I don’t want to spend all day mopping my floors. I’d rather spend my time doing DIY projects and sharing them with you! 

#2 Know your budget- The Stoneform flooring product that I like is not only beautiful but also super affordable! I have been looking at styles I love for $5.50 per square foot which fits right into my budget. 

#3 Put your plan into action- I am not going to be able to tackle this project on my own at the moment, so I am going to have the Stoneform product installed by professionals. This will give me extra time with my family and to dream up even more projects. And let me tell you…the floors are going to be so dreamy! And maybe slightly dreamier because I won’t be getting sweaty doing it this time. 

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What You Need to Know Before Getting New Flooring in Your Home

You guys…I absolutely cannot wait to see how my new floors are going to turn out! Remember, if you are looking for a way to update your flooring while also being financially responsible, Discover Personal Loans is there to help. And you better believe I am here to help too! Are you putting in any of these trending floor options? Be sure to tag me on Instagram @angelarosehome so I can see them! And don’t forget to hang out with me on TikTok, too. I always have something going on and want you to be a part of it.


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