The Only 5 Tools You Really Need

I wish I had a huge assortment of tools and a huge gorgeous garage workshop. The truth is, I am using the most basic versions of just a few tools and I mostly work on my garage floor…BUT, I’ve still been able to get by building built-ins, wall moldings, shelves, furniture etc. with just 5 power tools. So here’s a quick list of the ONLY 5 TOOLS YOU REALLY NEED to get going on almost any home improvement project.

1.Power Drill/Driver (MOST USED): This is a must have in every home, whether you do DIY projects or not! I use mine for hanging pictures, building projects, and every project that I do.




*Don’t forget the battery/charger if you don’t already have one. It’s also helpful to have a set with different screw heads and drill bits like this one.

2. Miter Saw: This is the only saw I own! A miter saw is helpful for cutting molding, building projects, and cutting wood. Here is another one from amazon that’s similar.

3. Nail Gun: This tool is so easy for nailing on trim and building projects. This one is even battery powered so you don’t have to deal with the cord.

4. Electric Sander: This sander makes smoothing out wood, sanding off wood putty, and all finishing aspects so much quicker.

5. Kreg Jig(Optional but LIFE CHANGING): This tool is so cool because it allows you to attach boards with hidden holes so the finished project looks nicer (and it makes joints stronger). This is a must if you ever get into building built ins or basic furniture. This is the exact set I’ve had for 8 years and loved.

Happy projecting! (Is that a verb? I think I’m going to make it one!)

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