5 Essentials Every Kid’s Room Needs

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Kid’s rooms are so fun! I love thinking about my little ones and dreaming up spaces where they can let their imaginations run wild. It was actually my main priority when moving into my new house. While there aren’t any rules when it comes to putting together a kid’s room, there are some essentials that every kid’s room needs. Of course, we all want to make sure our kids have everything they need and more, so make sure you check out this list of the 5 essentials every kid’s room needs. 

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5 Essentials Every Kid’s Room Needs 

  1. Bed
  2. Place for clothes
  3. Desk
  4. Cozy bedding
  5. Something to inspire them


#1 Bed

The first thing that comes to mind in when thinking about kids rooms, is a bed. Every kid needs somewhere to cozy up at the end of the day. I love adding modern beds into kid bedrooms because it gives them something that will grow with them.  Here’s my top 3 favorite beds to incorporate into children’s rooms.  

Trundle Bed

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Trundle beds are a really fun addition to any kid room, not to mention functional! The problem is, trundle beds can be super expensive to purchase. You should know me well enough by now to know that I am motivated by a challenge! Which is why I decided to DIY my own modern-style trundle bed in my son’s cloud-inspired bedroom

Bunk Bed

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Built-in bunk beds are so fun! You can add slides, really cool ladders, and different mattress sizes. I’ve even seen some with playhouses underneath! The possibilities are seriously endless. What kid doesn’t want a built-in playground in their bedroom, right? 

One of my favorite projects of all time has got to be the built-in bunk bed I created for my daughter’s room. It was a project I dreamed up in my head, created with the help of dad, and I am still in awe with how amazing it turned out! If you ever ask yourself, “should I do this magical thing?” the answer should always be YES! When we finished this build, the entire room was completely transformed and the magic was in the air. If you are looking to create a built-in bunk bed for your home, check out what it looked like while I was building mine.

Metal Frame 

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When I refreshed my teenager’s room, I knew I wanted a minimal metal bed frame that would bring a modern vibe into the space. To keep things sleek and modern, I purchased the frame from IKEA and it was perfect. IKEA no longer carries my specific bed frame, but the SAGSTUA and GRIMSBRU frames are also great options.

#2 Place for Clothes

Do your kids forget where everything goes in your house? Or throw everything in their closets when it’s time to clean their room? I swear, sometimes their rooms are unrecognizable. Keeping kids organized can be so hard to do, especially if you have a full schedule and full hands. But, if you have those things going on it means you have a full heart too, right? Having an organized kid’s closet was a game changer for me, but I do love using dressers too. Find what works for you and your kids. Just make sure everything has a place. 

#3 Desk

Kids need a place to put their stuff. Baskets and bins are great! But, having a desk gives kids a space where they can store their things. I mean, kids have a lot of stuff…toys, crayons, books…in our house I could keep going. Desks are essential but can be expensive. Luckily desks are easy to build, here are two of my favorites. 

DIY Desk 

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Lots of us in 2020 had to adapt and make DIY classrooms in our homes. For me, one of the first creative necessities was building an amazing wood desk for my son. I was able to transform $35 worth of wood into an affordable and stylish DIY wood desk.

Floating desks

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Floating desks are some of the easiest things to DIY, especially in a small nook like I was working with. For a full rundown on how I created my custom desk area, check out my blog post and Instagram story highlight!

#4 Cozy Bedding

Cozy bedding is a must-have in EVERY kids’s room! My favorite place to get bedding is Boll and Branch. All of the beds in my home are outfitted from top to bottom, in sheets and linens from Boll and Branch. Each of their items is made from the highest quality of fabric. It’s all about thread quality, not thread count. Boll and Branch create their products without toxins and weaves fabric together to create a uniquely soft product. If you are interested in getting Boll and Branch products for your home use one of my codes. Usually, my code is ANGELAROSE20 for a discount, but this month I have a special code ANGELA25.  



#5 Something to Inspire Them

I think it is super important for our kids to have a space where they can be inspired. Think about what inspires you? Is it the mountains, the ocean, tiny objects, or Harry Potter? Obviously inspiring our kids might be slightly different than for us adults. Well, except for the tiny things and Harry Potter. My kids and I both love those things! It’s our job to create spaces for them to dream big and shoot for the stars. Here are a few ways that I have added DIY projects into my kids’ rooms to help them feel inspired. 

Wall Mural

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I love it when projects make you feel something special. When I refreshed my son’s room I knew I had to add an ocean inspired wall mural to create an environment where he could have a sense of calm. When we are at peace, we have the space to dream up the unimagineable. At least that is how it is in our family. 

I found the perfect wallpaper mural from the company, Anewall. Technically the design is called Blue & Grey Cloud, but it also gives me all the moody ocean vibes. Companies like Anewall, Loomwell, and Spoonflower have so many designs that will help you create an inspiring wall mural for your kids. 

Star Chandelier

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Is there anything better in the world than magical stars? How about a million hanging magical stars ha! Well, not a milion, but still. When I was tackling my daughter’s room, I wanted her to have a physical reminder that she can do anything she sets her mind on. All she has to do is reach for the stars. Add in some magical inspiration with this ceiling star tutorial


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My cute niece Brooke asked me if I would redo her room. She gave me all of her must-haves, but they all kept relating back to the same thing…She needed to be transported into a place that she would never want to leave. AKA a place where she felt inspired. My friends (Lindsay @frills_and_drills and Mysha @remingtonavenue) and I found some wallpaper in a floral pattern that left us speechless. It left my niece speechless, too. Check out her reaction here. It was the cutest!

Wallpaper is a great way to create an inspiring space and there are so many options out there. You’ve got traditional wallpaper vs removable wallpaper. We’ve got wrapped walls vs accent walls. Wallpaper makes it easy to transform an ordinary bedroom into a magical hideaway for our little ones. 

5 Essentials Every Kid’s Room Needs

I loved sharing these 5 essentials every kid’s room needs because I know they work for my family and they will work for yours too! Make sure you are hanging out with me on Instagram and TikTok to see all of my latest projects. I’ve always got something going on!

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