Modern Bed Styles to Fit Any Room

built-in bunk bed

The main event in any bedroom will always be the bed. It’s where we lay our heads, dream up dreams, and rest our worries of the day away. Such an important feature of our bedrooms needs to be selected with special care. There are so many modern bed styles to fit any room, no matter what vibe you are looking for. I have used so many different types of modern bed styles throughout my home and I know how much the perfect bed can transform any bedroom. 

modern bed styles to fit any room

Modern Metal Frame

metal bed frame for a modern twist

If you are looking for a metal frame, building one on your own is possible but it can be very challenging. Purchasing a metal bed frame can be a great way to style any bedroom DIY. In fact, it is what I have done for some of my DIY room makeovers before. And plus, you still have to put it together once you get the frame out of the box. So it totally counts as a build right?

When I refreshed my teenager’s room, I knew I wanted a minimal metal bed frame that would bring a modern vibe into the space. To keep things sleek and modern, I purchased the frame from IKEA and it was perfect. IKEA no longer carries my specific bed frame, but the SAGSTUA and GRIMSBRU frames are also great options.

The SAGSTUA frame is a traditional bed frame accented with modern brass details. The high curved headboard design softens the sturdy steel and is perfect for stacking pillows high.  The GRIMSBRU frame, on the other hand, has a low-profile minimalistic design that gives off an industrial vibe. Its perfectly compact composition can help you maximize any space.  

Minimalist/Modern Upholstered Wingback Headboard

Minimalist/Modern Upholstered Wingback Headboard

Do you know what you can make with a sheet of plywood, one XL twin mattress pad, and a pair of curtain panels? You can DIY your own upholstered wingback headboard! Upholstered headboards give your bed an extra layer of comfort to your bed with soft fabric and squishy cushioning. They can be sleek and modern or have more detailing added. 

I have been wanting an upholstered headboard for the longest time, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and DIY my own. It was a great project that came together quickly (without sewing) and only cost me $80!!! If you want to make your own you can follow my 6 easy steps below, or check out my full tutorial here

Steps to making your own modern upholstered wingback headboard:

1: Get your supplies

2: Build the wings

3: Shape and attach the foam 

4: Wrap batting

5: Wrap fabric

6: Attach wings to the headboard

DIY Modern Style Trundle Bed

modern trundle bed style

Trundle beds are a really fun addition to any room, not to mention functional! The problem is, trundle beds can be super expensive to purchase. You should know me well enough by now to know that I am motivated by a challenge! This is why I decided to DIY my own modern-style trundle bed in my son’s cloud-inspired bedroom

To build your own trundle bed you will need: 



At the beginning of the process, you may feel like building a trundle bed is a huge undertaking, but I promise you it is really fun! In general, it will feel like a giant game of adult Tetris. Who doesn’t love a good game, right? 

I have a detailed blog post that goes into each step of a trundle bed build that you should totally check out! But, here are the basics. First, build the bed frame you purchased from IKEA. Next, prep and stain your wood. I love using Early American stain from Miniwax because the finished product always ends up with such a rich, deep color. After your wood is ready, it is time to pick up the power tools and wrap the frame with your pretty wood. I promise it is really that simple!

Built-in Bunk Bed

built-in bunk bed

Built-in bunk beds are so fun! You can add slides, really cool ladders, and different mattress sizes. I’ve even seen some with playhouses underneath!  The possibilities are seriously endless. I also love a good built-in (anything) because I feel like it gives the furniture more purpose.

One of my favorite projects of all time has got to be the built-in bunk bed I created for my daughter’s room. It was a project I dreamed up in my head, created with the help of dad, and I am still in awe with how amazing it turned out! If you ever ask yourself, “should I do this magical thing?” the answer should always be YES! When we finished this build, the entire room was completely transformed and the magic was in the air. Sometimes we even call it the “beauty bed” because it is just that good!

If you are looking to create a built-in bunk bed for your home, check out what it looked like while I was building mine. I’ve got a whole highlight bubble about it on Instagram. It was a whole lot of fun for us to create and I know it will be for you too! 

Modern Bed Styles to Fit Any Room

I shared a few of my favorite modern bed styles that will fit into any room. Which style was your favorite? The best thing about DIY is creating spaces that are uniquely our own and I can’t wait to see how your space changes with the bed style you picked. Just remember, stop pinning and start doing. It is time to make your magic happen! If you are looking for any other DIY projects, hang out with me on Instagram and TikTok. I always have a lot going on and I’d love to DIY with you!

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