How To Make Your Home Feel Like Christmas in a Warm Climate

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I love living in an area that has warm weather, but it doesn’t always feel like Christmas this time of the year. There is just something about all those Christmas movies and family photos that make you feel like you need to have chilly weather and snow for it to really be Christmas. I will be honest, snow is magical but you just have to know how to make your home feel like Christmas in a warm climate. 

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Create a Cozy Feeling

When it is warm outside the last thing you want to think of is bundling up, but you can create a cozy feeling inside your home. I love creating a cozy feeling during the holiday season by switching out my decorative pillows and adding super soft throw blankets. You don’t even have to use the blankets. Ha. But having them incorporated into your space gives a warm home-y feeling. 

I also love creating a cozy vibe throughout my home with different scents. Christmas season is the perfect time of year to pull out the candles, essential oils, or even make some homemade stovetop potpourri. Our senses really give us that nostalgic holiday feeling.

Home Decor

I have a confession…I am not typically an all-out holiday decorator. Yes, I did create the Great Hall from Harry Potter for Thanksgiving a while back. But typically, I am a minimalist holiday home decorator. I do love decorating for the holidays. I just find my own way of making it count. 

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One way you can make your sunny holiday feel more Christmas-like is to pick certain spots in your home to decorate. I like to create pockets of holiday decor so I don’t feel so overwhelmed by all of the stuff. Try making your mantle a focal point. Since it is warm outside you won’t have your fire going so make the mantle pretty. You could also create a focal point on a designated spot on your kitchen counter top or even by the front door. Finding a way to have the holiday vibes going all throughout your home keeps the magic alive no matter what temperature it is outside.



Faux greenery is another great way to make your home feel like Christmas.You know me, I love faux plants and this time of the year gives me the excuse to add more throughout my home. 

Faux plants have come a long way and there are tips and tricks to make them look lifelike. I have a post all about it. Adding greenery and holiday stems into your holiday color schemes will help make it feel like the holidays. 

Outdoor Decor

The biggest tip for bringing holiday magic to warmer climates is to go all out on outside decor. Take advantage of the warm weather and have some fun. I know I wouldn’t want to be putting up decorations when it is snowing outside! In past years I have built nativities and sparkle balls, but this year wasn’t planning on doing much because I am still getting settled into my new home. 

That is, until my new neighbors caught me up on the amazing holiday magic that happens in the neighborhood. They wanted to make sure that my family and I were included in the holiday fun so they have been helping me get some outdoor decorations up (even while I have been out of town). If you’ve been following along on Instagram you know all about it. We aren’t done just yet, but when we are I will be sharing the whole Hallmark-y story.  

sunny Christmas

Family Activities

This may be the last idea on my list, but it is one of the most important. The things your kids are going to remember are going to be the memories you made together. Not how many ornaments were on the tree. Or if you had a full light show going outside. They are going to remember the time you set aside for them. So start blasting Christmas music. Cuddle up for a cheesy movie (you’ve got your blankets ready). Make some goodies. Host a party if you are feeling up to it. Or, you can even take a Christmas light tour around your town. Treasure the moments you have together because that is what Christmas is all about. 

warm weather for Christmas

How to Make Your Home Feel Like Christmas in a Warm Climate

Those of us that live in a warm climate may not have the weather you see on the postcards or on television. But, we still have holiday magic and you can too! You just have to know how to make your home feel like Christmas is a warm climate. How are you celebrating the holidays this year? I hope everything goes even better than you planned and that you get to experience the magic. My family and I will be sharing what we are up to this season so make sure you follow along on Instagram and TikTok. Thanks for being here! It means more than you know. This year we are chasing that holiday magic and also trusting the magic of new beginnings. 

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