How to Switch Up Holiday Decor with Pillows

Forrest pillow Loloi

Are you an over-the-top holiday decorator? Or do you prefer adding subtle home decor with the changing seasons? I’ve been both types of decorators. Once, I created the Great Hall from Harry Potter in my dining room for the holidays. It was over-the-top and awesome! While this year I’ve been leaning towards simpler holiday decor. Well… except for the lights outside, that is a whole different story. Have you been watching the story unfold? Learning how to switch up holiday decor with pillows has been a game-changer for me. So naturally, I’ve got to share all my secrets!

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Favorite Places to Find Home Decor

First off, let’s talk about where to find great holiday decor. With all the holiday craziness buying gifts and creating holiday magic for your kids, it is nice to know where to go shopping to find good stuff. Here are my favorite places for home decor:

  1. Target
  2. McGee&Co
  3. Serena and Lily
  4. Crate&Barrel
  5. Wayfair
  6. Amazon

All of these shops have fun and original decor. They make it easy to decorate your home at any time of the year, but especially during the holidays. 

Easy Ways to Switch Out Home Decor for the Holidays 

For me, the easiest way to switch up home decor for the holidays is to change out your pillows. Throw pillows allow you to bring a festive and cozy feel to your home. You can switch out colors and textures to get the holiday vibe you are looking for. 

Adding a Pop of Color

When I think of holiday vibes I think of switching out my everyday decor for new color combinations. There’s the traditional red and green color scheme. Elegant silvers and golds that will shimmer all season long. Whimsical colors like lime green and pink make me think of being wrapped up in the pages of Dr Suess’ classic, The Grinch. Or there are also subtle neutrals that give rustic charm and can last all throughout winter. 

Try adding pillows to sitting areas in your home to bring in your holiday color profile. You can tie together any room by adding a pillow here and there. Especially when it’s paired with a cozy throw blanket. It will give your holiday decor a thoughtful touch.



Layering Pillows

I also love a good layered pillow setup. Especially for the holidays. It makes me ready for a movie marathon, the cheesier the better!  I like to layer throw pillows on your couch or stacked them up on your bed. 

The key to layering pillows is having different patterns and textures. You will want to combine pillows that have pops of color with neutrals to build interesting holiday vibes. There are so many ways to combine different sizes and shapes. Just make sure you don’t have a stack of identical pillows.

My Favorite Layering Pillows

Henderson pillow Loloi

The Henderson Pillow

Every good holiday pillow setup would not be complete without some good neutrals. The Henderson pillow from the Angela Rose x Loloi collection is a perfect neutral to start building your own holiday magic. It could be paired with rich green and red plaid flannels to set a traditional holiday setting. Or even compliment glimmering silvers and golds that spark the warm and glamorous feelings of the season. Does anyone else have the song, “Silver and gold, silver and gold” playing in their head? I can tell you, whatever color scheme you are pulled towards, you need this Henderson pillow to tie your holiday decor together. 

Forrest pillow Loloi

The Forrest Pillow

Sometimes green and red can pack a punch this time of year. If you are wanting to have a more subtle vibe this holiday season, try adding in the Forrest pillow from the Angela Rose x Loloi collection to your layered combination. You can use this pattern to tie in the pine and sage colors throughout your home. Plus, I cannot get over that fringe! Doesn’t it remind you of the tassels at the end of a scarf? So cozy and comfy, just like the pillow itself. 

Joshua pillow Loloi

The Joshua Pillow

Vegas doesn’t exactly scream Winter Wonderland, but the Joshua pillow from the Angela Rose x Loloi collection reminds me of the snow dusted mountains I see when I visit my family. The soft grays and creams are the perfect pillow to create a snowy winter scene. Its design is easy to add in with other pillows for the season or to keep by itself all year long.

Pillow Covers

I can hear you saying, “Ang, listen. We don’t want to store a bunch of expensive pillows that we will only use for a few months out of the year.” I get it! I like being practical, it is actually why I designed my own rugs and pillows in collaboration with Loloi. I wanted to create products that would be useful in everyday life. 

Instead of getting new pillows for each holiday, try switching up your holiday decor by using pillow covers instead of purchasing all-new pillows. They go right on top of your everyday throw pillows and when the seasons change you take them off, fold them up, and store them away without taking up much space. 

How to Switch Up Holiday Decor with Pillows

So I’ve got to know, how are you going to decorate this year now that you know now to switch up holiday decor with pillows? Make sure you are hanging out with me on Instagram and TikTok to see how I am decorating inside and outside of my home. I was thinking about going subtle this year, but I have a feeling there are a few big things in store too.  


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