Must-have Modern Household Linens

you need good linens for your bathroom

I have a quick question, are household linens considered home decor? I’m talking about bedding, towels, pillows, etc. Linens can be decorative, but they also serve a purpose. What I do know, is that I always want everything to look pretty in my home. Which is why I always search out the best of the best. If you are anything like me, you picked out a perfect bed style and you want your linens to keep the vibe of the room going. So, I wanted to share my list of must-have modern household linens. 

must have modern household linens

What is considered household linen?

For the most part, household linens are fabric items that are used for the daily function of your home. Linens can vary from room to room, but the basic categories for linens are:

  • Bedroom linens
  • Bathroom linens
  • Kitchen linens

modern bedding

Bedroom Linens

When it comes to bedroom linens we are talking about fitted sheets, flat sheets, comforters, throw blankets, etc.  All the fabrics that you use to make your bed nice and comfy. 

My favorite place to get bedding is Boll and Branch. All of the beds in my home are outfitted from top to bottom in sheets and linens from Boll and Branch.  Each of their items is made from the highest quality of fabric. It’s all about thread quality, not thread count. Boll and Branch create their products without toxins and weaves fabric together to create a uniquely soft product. If you are interested in getting Boll and Branch products for your home use my code: ANGELAROSE20 for a discount. 

I also love topping my bed with a good throw pillow. One of my all-time favorites came from Target. I fell in love with Threshold’s Washed Linen Lumbar Pillow at Target and I guess a bunch of other people did too because sadly, it isn’t available anymore. If you are looking for an affordable throw pillow, try looking at Target for Threshold’s Oversized Washed Pieced Chenille Lumbar Throw Pillow and the Bea Cotton Oversized Lumbar Throw Pillow. Both are great alternatives to what I have used in my home.

upgrade your household linens

If you are looking for a higher-end pillow/pillowcase, you should check out Serena & Lily. I love their Del Mar and Topenga pillow covers. The great thing about pillow covers is that you can switch them out whenever you are feeling like you need to refresh your space. Plus, you don’t have a bunch of unused pillows sitting in storage.

you need good linens for your bathroom

Bathroom Linens

Nothing is better than stepping out of the shower or bath and being wrapped up in a cozy towel. And you know I love a good bath, so I definitely know the difference between a good towel and a not-so-great towel. 

To me, good bathroom linens are a must-have. You want your skin to be greeted by something soft, while also having it hold up wash after wash. That is why I always shop at Olive and Linen for all of my bathroom linens. If you haven’t shopped at Olive and Linen yet, you need to try them out! They even gave me a discount for you too! My code is ANGELA30.

Olive and Linen have the best products! They have a wide variety of towels you can use throughout your house, not just in the bathrooms. They also carry bath mats, shower curtains, bathrobes, etc. All of their products are made from hand-loomed Turkish cotton that is free from toxins so that you can give your family the best. 

good kitchen linens are a must have

Kitchen Linens

Every kitchen needs great linens to keep up with the action that happens within the space. The most common household kitchen linens are tablecloths, dishtowels, hot pads, etc. My favorite place to get linens for my kitchen is Olive and Linen. I cannot get over how wonderful their kitchen towels are. Olive and Linen have created towels from hand-loomed  Turkish cotton that holds up to the demands of the kitchen. Not to mention, the designs are beautifully modern. If you want to try some for yourself, use my code ANGELA30 for a discount. 



BONUS Modern Household Linen: Drapes and Curtains


Drapes and curtains can also be considered household linens, but they can move between different categories of household linens since they are used all throughout your house. Drapes and curtains do meet the household linen checklist…made of fabric-check…serve a purpose-check. 

drapes and curtains are also a must have linen

One of my favorite sets of drapes I’ve used in a DIY project was a set of plush velvet curtains that perfectly framed the window in my niece Brooke’s room. The color is different than what I normally go for, but it made such an impact on the space.  It was a good reminder to me that there are easy ways to update your home that anyone can do. 

Must-have Modern Household Linens

I’ve got to know, where are you going to update your linens first? There are plenty of ideas in my must-have modern household linens list. Don’t forget to use my codes when you are checking out so that you get all the discounts! If you want to see what I am up to, come to hang out with me on Instagram and TikTok. I am always working on something.  Remember…Stop Pinning. Start Doing. 

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