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Do your kids forget where everything goes in your house? Or is it just mine? I swear, sometimes my house is unrecognizable. Keeping things organized can be so hard to do, especially if you have a full schedule and full hands. But, if you have those things going on it means you have a full heart too, right? So, to help combat the busyness of life I have been incorporating more organization into the final design of my projects. That way it gives my family and me the tools we need to stay organized. I want your family to have the tools you need too, so I am sharing my favorite products for home organization

favorte products for home organization www.angelarosehome.comGive the “Things” in Your Home a Home

The key thing about getting your home organized is having a place for everything. If your stuff doesn’t have a home, it will just be out and everywhere. And nobody wants that! 

In my home, I haven’t had a ton of storage or places to put things so I’ve had to create my own homes for things. I DIY’ed cabinet storage into my hallway so that it feels built. But, if you don’t have time to build out a bigger project, you can totally create homes for your stuff with furniture. 

When I gave my son’s closet a makeover, I used 2 Ikea Kallax shelves and some baskets to organize everything from clothes, rollerblades, Nerf guns, and other toys. The closet went from a messy and boring area to the coolest organized space. I absolutely love it because all the “stuff” has a home in the shelving that I added. If you want to see how I updated his entire room check out my reveal post here

Basket, Basket, You Need Some Baskets

When I told you about my son’s closet makeover I mentioned that I used baskets to organize. Baskets and bins are in my opinion the best organization products out there! They can fit into cubbies and organize what is in your cabinets. Since baskets are so helpful, I needed to highlight 2 of my favorites and give them their own time to shine. 

Twisted Open Checkered Weave Milk Crate Natural from Brightroom

I love the milk-crate style basket from Brightroom. Its natural color and open weave make organizing feel beautiful as well as helpful. Who doesn’t love keeping a space tidy in style? I know I do.

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Woven Aseana Large Milk Crate from Threshold

I also love the milk-crate style basket from Threshold. This basket is created with a tighter seagrass weave. It is perfect for stylish storage throughout your home and is built to last no matter what you decide to store in it.  



Bedroom Organization Must-Have

Every bedroom has got to have a laundry basket, but not every room has a stylish laundry basket. I love the woven paper dot floor hamper by Pillowfort. The natural weave is combined with a cute white polka dot that adds fun to organizing. I always try to add a little bit of flair to the things that also need to be functional. My favorite place I used this hamper was when I finished a closet refresh. It added some fun and also matched the other natural elements I added into the space. This woven hamper is so cute, it could also work in other rooms for organizing toys, pillows, or blankets. 


Let’s Take Some Time to Organize

When you typically think of organization products, I bet you think of bins, buckets, tubs, etc. Obviously, I do too because those are the things I shared first. But, I also think there are some really cool products out there that not only help us organize our things but also help us organize time and life. You know, the stuff that isn’t just “stuff”. 

I am always thinking of ways to help my kids be more organized so that they have the tools to be successful humans. One way I did this was by adding a “Get Ready” mirror in our hallway. The DIY project was super simple: 

-Bought a mirror in front of the store (Who are we kidding! I brought a few mirrors home and then had to decide which one worked best.)

-Bought glass markers. I used them to write a checklist directly on the mirror that has all the things my kids should think about when getting ready. 

-Hang the mirror on the wall. 

Easy right?!? Not only is this project amazing because it was easy, but it also helps my kids feel more organized. Now they can feel more independent while getting ready instead of feeling like I am nit-picking them as we walk out the door. This saves us a lot of time and helps us organize ourselves individually. 

I also love this super cute chore chart. Chores can be cute, right? Well, this mama feels more motivated when things are pretty, so it helps us stay organized. This chore chart is created from clear acrylic which makes it dry erase so the kids can check off the chores when they have finished. It is also customizable to each of your kids!

help your kids get organized with a chore chart www.angelarosehome.com

Favorite Home Organization Products

I want to know, what are your favorite home organization products? You know me, I’ve to have my natural woven baskets! Putting a focus on organizing our home has made all the difference for our family. Are there days when it looks like a tornado struck? Of course. But, overall using organizational products has given us more freedom and more time with each other. For more DIY fun, hang out with me on Instagram and TikTok. I am always working on something fun!


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