5 Easy Ways to Update Your Porch for Spring

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Did the groundhog see its shadow this year? I’m not sure if we are in for a longer winter or an early spring, but either way I can feel the change coming! I love spring because it gives a sense of new-ness and a fresh start. If you know me, that’s kind of my thing. I love embracing a new beginning! Start fresh by welcoming the new season with these 5 easy ways to update your porch for spring. 

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#1-Front Door Facelift

Welcome spring with a front door makeover. We aren’t all blessed to live in a craftsman, ranch, or mid-century modern house… and so we’ve got to work with what we’ve got, right? Stucco beige houses are not my favorite, but I can still love my entrance! 

I love that a front door makeover is such an easy DIY project and really welcomes people into our home. In the original Angela Rose Home I used Benjamin Moore’s Aura Grand Entrance in the Satin Finish for the doors. This is a special paint approved for inside/outside doors. There are a few steps to follow to make sure you have a professional looking paint job so check out this post that walks you through the process. 

If you really want to take your DIY front door facelift to the next level, switch out the hardware so it feels as fresh as your paint. Hardware is like jewelry for your door. And who doesn’t love new jewelry?! When I pick out the door hardware, as always, the most important thing to me is for it to look pretty but also function well. 

#2- Give Walls a Second Life

Other than your front door, the other structural porch element that could use a facelift are your walls. Give your walls a second life with fun design elements. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a huge fan of stucco. It is all over here in Vegas, but I’m more of a craftsman or mid-century modern kind of girl. To add some visual interest on your porch, try adding a skinny slat wall. I’m obsessed with mine! It completely changed the entire feel of the front of my house. I’ve got all the details on this blog post so you can add a slat wall to your porch this spring. 

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Maybe you aren’t ready to commit to adding bigger elements, like a slat wall, to your front porch. That’s totally okay! You can always start with a fresh coat of paint on the walls or even the trim. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do! Paint can liven up any space and help it feel fresh and new just like the freshness of spring. 

#3-Create a Seating Area

Another easy way to update your porch is to create a seating area. Not only does it give your family a fun place to hang out, it also feels very welcoming. It’s like you are telling your neighbors to come on over for a visit. 

There are so many great outdoor seating options out there, especially in the spring. I’m talking couches. Chairs. Swings. Etc. Everyone has an itch to get outside and enjoy the fresh air so live it up and transform your space into something you can enjoy! 



#4-Add or Refresh Planters

I think one of the easiest ways to update your porch for spring is to add planters. If you have been hanging out with me for a while, you know I LOVE greenery! Plus, I don’t know what is more spring than plants. 

A porch is a fun place to play around with planters. In fact, on my porch I love having a variety of planters. Planters can be super expensive at the store, so try your hand at DIY planters. 

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A few years ago I did a DIY build-off-planter edition with my friend Philip. We walked people through the process of building a planter and it was so fun! Check out this post if you want to try to build one too. This planter would be the perfect addition to your spring porch, especially next to your front door. 

Another fun planter project build I’ve done was a vertical planter. Some porches are tight on space. I totally get it! This vertical planter is attached to a wall and would be a great addition for porches with limited space. Check out my step-by-step guide HERE.

PRO-TIP: When buying plants to put in your planters, think about textures, colors, and differing heights. Mixing these all together gives a visual interest and beauty! I also love using faux plants in planters. That way I don’t have to worry about them dying. 

Easy Plant Care Tips

  • Once you’ve picked your plants,  you just need to make sure they get the nutrients they need. I like using a liquid feeding product from Miracle grow. To use it, you just rip off the top and pour it into the planter. Nothing easier than that!
  • I also like using slow release pellets from Sta-green. These pellets are super easy to use! Just shake some on the top of the container and your plants will love you. 

#5-Finish off with decor details

The last, and possibly the easiest, way to update your porch is by adding fun decor details. So let’s get shopping! If you’re creating a seating area on your porch, try tossing in some pillows to fit the season. I love how easy and impactful it is to switch out pillows. 

You can also add or switch out your rug. Did you know I designed my own line of rugs with Loloi that work both indoors and outdoors? If not, let me introduce you to the Colton Collection. It was inspired by my oldest son Colton and offers a fresh take on the classic jute rug. When designing these rugs, I wanted to make something that was designed for real life. Each rug in the collection offers a variety of neutral, linear patterns while making a subtle, yet striking statement that will make your spring porch one of a kind.

5 Easy Ways to Update Your Porch for Spring

Are ready for a fresh start with these 5 easy ways to update your porch for spring? I can’t wait to see your DIY transformations! Do me a favor and tag me @angelarosehome in your porch posts. I love seeing your creativity and what you come up with. Right now I am working my way through my new home one DIY project at a time, so make sure you are following along on Instagram and TikTok to see the progress. Remember DIY is all about progress, so stop pinning and start doing. 


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