Top 3 Window Treatment Trends

top window trends

If eyes are the windows to our soul, then what are the windows in our homes? I’d like to think that the windows in our homes are the view of new opportunities and a chance to invite peace into our lives. Deep I know, but that’s what you get with me…a lot of DIY, some deep thoughts, and a bit of fashion here and there. No matter what windows mean to you, if you don’t love how they are looking, you can change them. I have put together the top 3 window treatment trends that inspire me so that you can have the windows of your dreams. 

window treatments Window Grids

Now if you know me, you know no room is complete without some window refresh magic. I think black window treatments just look so modern and fresh. I’ve actually used three different ways to affordably DIY black windows. The possibilities are endless. 

Three ways to get Modern Black Windows 

  1. Black electrical tape
  2. Paint your window frame 
  3. PVC trim (my favorite)

The first time I created black windows, I used black electrical tape straight on the window. What is nice about this method is that it isn’t permanent and you can do all sorts of patterns. Grids. Diamonds. Even custom patterns. Although it’s definitely not permanent, it will need to be replaced every year or so.

Another great way to get a modern black treatment is to paint directly on the frame with Rustoleum primer and paint in one satin spray paint. This method is great if you just want a DIY black window frame. Or, you can paint the frame in preparation for a pattern on the glass. Just remember painting your frame is permanent. Well, as permanent as paint is. Before you paint your window frames, know that doing this can void the warranty on certain brands. 

My favorite way to get a black window detail is with a thin PVC product. When I came across New Panes my life was changed! New Panes’ thin PVC is super easy to use! It almost feels like you are playing with legos because the pieces just click together. The PVC product comes white, so you’ll need to do a little prep work and then pull out your spray paint again. Check out this post to see how the PVC grid turned out in my dining room. 

PRO-TIP: You can always mix and match the different ways to get a black window treatment. For example, In my daughter’s room, I used spray paint for the edges and electrical tape for the grids.


While black gridded windows have my heart, I also love a good curtain. Especially in Vegas where temperatures get really hot, it is really nice to be able to pull your curtains closed to keep things cooled off. Not to mention the fact that they add an element of privacy. 

From a design standpoint, I also really love what curtains add to a room. Curtains can help lengthen a room and help the ceilings feel taller than they actually are. This is especially helpful in an open living area or bedroom. I love hanging curtains at the top of the room because it makes your room feel so much larger. If your windows feel smaller than you want, you can also hang your curtains are hung a bit wider, they can actually give the illusion that your windows are larger. 

Curtain Design Elements to Remember:

  • Hanging curtains higher will help ceilings feel taller. 
  • When curtains are hung wider they make windows feel bigger.
  • Hanging curtains at the top of the room will make the room as a whole feel larger.

One of my favorite curtain projects I’ve done was with my super talented friends (Lindsay @frills_and_drills and Mysha @remingtonavenue). In 48 hours we completely transformed my niece’s room into a perfect fairy-tale space complete with pink velvet curtains. If you are looking for some fun curtains, you have got to try these. They are silky and soft. And if you don’t love pink, you can grab the panels in different colors too. The pink color for the curtains was the perfect detail to tie everything in my niece’s room together. Check out this post for the full room reveal. 

top window trends

#3-Roman Shades

One of my other favorite window treatments is Roman shades. I love that Roman shades are so versatile. There are so many fabrics and textures available, which means you can find the perfect fit for any DIY refresh. I’ve gotten Roman shades on and also from Sunburst Shutters. (Sunburst has tons of colors!) Roman shades are also super affordable and easy to install. You do have to keep in mind that Roman shades aren’t a perfect fit for every room. Because they are made of fabric, the shades can be stained or retain odors and need maintenance. 

window treatments

Breakdown of Pros and Cons for Roman Shades

Pros of Roman Shades: 

  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Versatile

Cons of Roman Shades:

  • Not a perfect fit for every room
  • Easily stained
  • Need maintenance


BONUS: Try Layering Styles

Do you know what is even better than picking one of my top 3 favorite window treatments? Layering them together. If you want you windows to really stand out, try layering Roman shades with curtains. Or you can DIY your own black grid and frame them out with a pair of gorgeous windows. Better yet, try all three window treatments together to create a ton of interest. 

Top 3 Window Treatment Trends

Now that you know the top 3 window treatment trends, which one are you going to pick for your space? Are you going to try layering a few of the trends together? I know that what you decide to go with will be the perfect match for your DIY. If you are looking for other DIY inspiration, make sure you are following me on Instagram and TikTok. I am always sharing what projects I am working on and would love to have you hang out with me!


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