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New garage…new inspirational quote! I loved having a HUGE quote on the wall of the original Angela Rose Home. Not only did it bring some sunshine into a place I hang out all the time, it served as a reminder for my entire family that it’s not until we actually take that leap (and potentially fall) that we realize we can fly. If you’ve been with me for a while, you know that every project is so much more than just DIY. So while I am adding some inspiration to my new garage, I wanted to share how to make your own quote wall so that you can add your own inspiration to a special place in your home. 

DIY Inspiration www.angelarosehome.comPicking the Quote

I don’t know if it’s because once paint is involved things feel a bit more permanent, but I had a hard time picking a quote for the nook in my garage. You guys sent me so many amazing suggestions, that I was tempted to make a collage. But, then I found the absolutely perfect quote that speaks to me in my time of life right now.

What the Quote Means to ME

The quote, “Trust the magic of new beginnings,” means so much to me! Each word has its own meaning as well as the overall message of hope. So here’s a little insight into why I chose this quote specifically. 

TRUST (to me): When I see the word TRUST, I think of the word HOPE. I used to think I knew everything and had it all planned out. Now I don’t. And that’s okay. It’s where TRUST has room to come in. I don’t “KNOW” much, but I do TRUST that it’ll all work out and I have HOPE that it will. 

MAGIC (to me): So many times recently I have felt my heart want to turn hard. To get cynical, to be disappointed in people and everything…but I refuse to think like that! I’m someone who loves to believe in the MAGIC. And if the magic isn’t there, then I’ll FIND IT. And if I can’t find it…then I’ll CREATE IT!

NEW (to me): NEW means again. New beginnings begin again. And again. You’ve got to start somewhere. Right here. Right now. This is it!

What the Quote Means to YOU

While I was thinking about what this quote means to me, I reached out and asked all of you what “Trust the magic of new beginnings,” means to you because I love that we can share this space. I know this post is about creating a DIY quote wall, but I had to share some of your responses because they gave the quote even more meaning to me. Here’s what you thought… 

To YOU, new beginnings means:

  • The start of something great
  • A blessing. A second, third, fourth chance
  • Taking that step that scares me
  • Being able to breathe correctly for the first time
  • Conquering your fear of failing and trying anyways
  • Purpose
  • Bravery, hope, and the opportunity to create what you really want
  • Fresh start, clean slate, the peace/calm that comes after a deep breath
  • To take a step to start to have hope
  • Doing something out of routine, comfort zone

And quite possibly my favorite answer of all came from my sweet Aubrey. When I asked her what she thought, her response was simple and pure. “It means new things can end up being great.” I am far from perfect. But my hope is that by watching, my kids can learn some helpful lessons through all the changes that happen in life. Her response gives me HOPE and the strength to “Trust in the magic of new beginnings!”

magical quote wall

How to Make Your Own Quote Wall

Now that we have the perfect quote, it’s time to start DIYing! First, we need to create a canvas for our word art. To create a background for the quote I painted the wall Rock Bottom by Sherwin Williams. It was one of my favorite colors from the old house so it makes the space feel a bit more at home while also feeling new. Just like the quote itself. 

PRO-TIP: To create a seamless sleek edge between your new color and existing wall, use blue painter’s tape to mark your line. Then before you start painting, use a little bit of caulk (or some of the paint you will be using) and smear it on the edge of the tape to help fill in any cracks. You will have a lot less bleeding and touching up to do if you use this trick. If you’re a visual learner, check out this story highlight.

I’m sure you are wondering how this quote went from words on a page to beautiful art. Luckily I have an insanely talented cousin, Jamie Hill. In the past, she designed floral printables for me to use in my home. But here’s the deal, if you don’t have your own Jamie Hill that’s ok! Usually, I will just search for a quote online or on Pinterest. 9 out of 10 times beautiful word art pops up. This time, I couldn’t find the exact thing I wanted so I reached out to Jamie and she helped my vision for this space come to life.  



Getting the Words on the Wall

The last time I created a quote wall, I used a transfer technique with paper and an Exacto knife. It worked and the project ended up gorgeous. (Did you see that it was featured in Do It Yourself Magazine!) But, I felt like it could have gone better. So, this time I wanted to try something different. I used a projector to display the image on the wall from my phone. It was so easy and the image was so crisp! Then I used a white pencil and traced the words that were projected. You guys are going to love this way so much better! You don’t need a fancy projector, just use any projector you have access to.   

Once the words are traced on the wall, all that we have left is to hand paint the wall art. This step is easy, but it is tedious. I loved this step of the process. Just me. Music blasting. Wrapped up in a project. 

Any guesses how long it took me to paint the lettering on the wall? There was no way I could get it done all in one day! I finished the wall in a span of a few days totaling about 20 hours. Don’t let this scare you from making your own quote wall! You have to keep in mind that I chose a dark background which meant I had to go over each word 3 times for the color to show up bright enough.

DIY word art

So what do you think? Ready to take on the project of making your own quote wall? In case you are visual like me, here’s a project breakdown so you know what to expect.

Project Breakdown

  1. Paint background
  2. Project your quote onto the wall 
  3. Trace your quote onto the wall with a white pencil
  4. Hand paint your design

How to Make Your Own Quote Wall

I am in LOVE with how this quote wall turned out. It is seriously magical! And now you know how to make your own quote wall too! This is just the first project for this nook in my garage so make sure you are following along on Instagram and TikTok to see how everything comes together. Remember, we are in this together. New beginnings are just that…a chance to create all sorts of new magic and I am beyond grateful that I get to make that magic with you alongside me!

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