DIY Welcoming Front Door Paint Makeover

DIY welcoming front door paint makeover

DIY Welcoming Front Door Paint Makeover

It was time that I spruced up my boring beige Las Vegas entrance with a DIY welcoming front door paint makeover! Not all of us can live in a craftsman, ranch, or mid-century modern house… and so we’ve got to work with what we’ve got, right? Do I like stucco beige houses? Nope. But I can still love my entrance! And to think this was just a forgotten space before, and now it’s totally been brought to life. I love that this front door makeover was such an easy DIY project and really welcomes people into our home. Everyone who visits or even drives by your house will see your entryway, so make it something that you love! 

Diy front entry welcoming paint makeover

Preparing to Paint The Front Door

I wanted to make painting our metal front door as simple as possible so I left it on the door frame to paint. If the hinges were old I would have taken the whole door off of the frame to replace those, but our hinges were fine and I just painted right over them. To prepare the door for paint I removed the handles and locks and then did a quick wipe down to clean off any dirt and debris. To protect the walls, furniture, and floor around the door you are painting you’ll want to purchase a couple of plastic drop cloths. I used painter’s tape around the door frame taping half of the width around the edges of the door and the other half to the drop cloths. And don’t forget to put a little piece of tape on your peephole, if you have one, to protect the glass.



Giving Your Front Door a Welcoming Paint Makeover

Once everything was clean and protected I picked out my paint color and loaded my spray gun. I used the HomeRight spray gun from Amazon to paint the door and made the whole process so quick and easy. Spray guns are the best! They apply the paint so evenly and have great coverage.

When painting an entry door it’s very important to consider the temperature and weather outside. A windy day or rainstorm can easily mess up a door with wet paint. And if the temperature is too hot or cold the door won’t cure properly. This can cause the paint to crackle and reduce the overall life expectancy of the paint. Experts suggest painting your door when temperatures are between 60°F and 85°F and are not expected to drop below 32°F for several days after the painting. The humidity outside should fall between 40% and 70% to ensure that the paint dries properly. But if you’re painting somewhere with tricky weather you can always take the door off of the hinges and paint it safely inside.

For the doors’ paint color I used Benjamin Moore’s Aura Grand Entrance in the Satin Finish. This is a special paint approved for inside/outside doors. I first prepped the door with Sherwin Williams extreme bond primer and from there it only took me 2 coats of the Aura Grand Entrance paint. No topcoat was needed. 

Welcoming front door paint upgrade before and after

Front Door Hardware Makeover

Hardware is like jewelry for your door. And who doesn’t love new jewelry?! I have no idea why it took me this long to update my front door hardware. I should have done it years ago because it looks SO much better. It was such an easy update that only took me minutes to accomplish. And I realized your hardware choice can really make or break the look of the door. 

When I was picking out the door hardware, as always, the most important thing to me was for it to look pretty but also function well. This is why I love Kwikset! They are an awesome and trustworthy brand that has been around for over 70 years. I have Kwikset’s Halifax handles on all of the other door levers in my house and I was so excited for the front door to match. I went with the Matte Black San Clemente handle for our front door and it looks so slick! Another reason I chose the San Clemente handle is because it has Microban antimicrobial technology; an antimicrobial coating incorporated into the finish that works to continuously fight microbes and protect the hardware. This keeps my door 99.9% cleaner than unprotected surfaces. So cool, right? 

For our door lock, I went with the SmartCode electronic deadbolt from Kwikset. The security this thing has is unbelievable. It makes me feel like I’m in a James Bond spy movie every time I use it! I’ve always been nervous about intruders being able to figure out my door code, but not with this lock. The keyless deadbolt has SecureScreen technology that makes you touch other numbers first so frequently used numbers can’t be detected. How cool is that? Not a chance bad guys!

How to DIY paint a welcoming metal front door

Front Door Entryway Lighting

Once my door was painted and looking amazing I wanted to make sure that everyone could see it. Okay, I’m just kidding, but lighting is important. And outdoor lighting is so often overlooked. Just because it’s outside doesn’t mean it has to be ugly and industrial. There are tons of beautiful outdoor lighting options if you shop around. I went with a hanging light for our porch and it turned out beautiful. It’s bright and warm and really welcomes guests into the space. I also replaced our door numbers with these modern black ones from Amazon. They’re pretty inexpensive and complement our black window trim and door hardware. It’s all in the details!

Front Porch Decor Makeover

The final step of my welcoming front door paint makeover is to add decor! First, I picked out a cute and practical welcome mat from Home Depot for people to wipe their shoes on. And then I layered that on top of 2 rugs from Target. I love this layered look and the depth and texture it brings to our entryway. I also love hanging wreaths on my door! Target usually has a good selection of cute wreaths and I change them out depending on the season and Holiday. Lastly, it’s always a good idea to liven up a space with plants. I added a black planter box from Wayfair and a white mid-height plant stand from Target. If you want to see all of the items I used to decorate the inside of my entry you can check out my blog post linking them here.

DIY Welcoming Front Door Paint Makeover

Our DIY welcoming front door paint makeover is complete! And I am already getting so excited to put out pumpkins on Halloween and greet carolers for Christmas! This entryway is now a beautiful reflection of the inside of our home and I’m so proud of it. To see more DIY house projects follow along with my Instagram account @angelarosehome. Now go make your front door look just the way that you’ve always dreamed it could. All it takes is for us to stop pinning and start doing!

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