The Best Rugs That Work Both In and Outside of Your Home

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In my opinion, there’s nothing better than a product that has multiple purposes. Well, what if I told you that there are rugs out there that will work both in and out of your home? I have created the Colton Collection in collaboration with Loloi to meet our needs of having fun, simplistic rugs that can work in literally ANY space inside or outside! Come check out the best rugs that work both in and outside your home. 

top 6 indoor/outdoor rugs www.angelarosehome.comThe Colton Collection

the Colton Collection

The Colton Collection was inspired by my oldest son and offers a fresh take on the classic jute rug. Each rug in the collection offers a variety of neutral, linear patterns while making a subtle, yet striking statement. All of the rugs are hand-woven and durable so you know they are good!

When designing these rugs I wanted to make something that was designed for real life. Durability was key, but I wanted the Colton Collection to also be full of design and inspiration that you could use in literally ANY space in your home.

Modern Contrast

versatile natural black rug

We have to start off talking about the Natural Black area rug. I love this rug so much that it has a permanent home in my dining room. It has modern crisp lines that will make indoor and outdoor spaces pop. I also love that is it going to hold up under my dining room table with all the action that area gets. You know… the inevitable spills and messes happen with every day life with a family. This rug is durable! Which means it will be also able to handle the elements outside too. So pick an area that is calling for some modern lines and go for it!

Lines for Days

versatile ivory black rug

The Ivory Black area rug is one of my all-time favorites from the Colton Collection. I cannot get over how strikingly beautiful this rug is! The lines in the design go on forever, adding a simple, yet modern feel to any space. It is handwoven with a gorgeous jute cotton blend that will hold up outside on your porch while also being soft enough to have all throughout your house. 

I can totally picture the Ivory Black area rug outside on my pool deck defining an entertaining space where I can hang out with friends and family while the kids are splashing around in the pool. But, I can also see this rug in a living room as a subtle statement. So, what it comes down to is, grab the rug! It is one of the absolute best rugs for anywhere in your home!



Secret detail: One of the coolest features of this rug is that it is completely reversible. You can decide if you want more of a black background with white lines or white background with black lines. 

Natural Windowpane Pattern

versatile ivory sage rug

If you’ve been hanging out with me for awhile, you know I love a few things… windowpane patterns and shades of green. If you are new here, let me introduce myself…Hi I’m Angela and I love grids, window pane patterns, and I’m slightly obsessed with modern shades of green. 

The Ivory Sage area rug from the Colton Collection is a natural take on a windowpane pattern that I love so much. Unique and chunky gridlines are present without a stark contrast because the soft sage and cream hues compliment each other perfectly. It’s a great way to add a bit of color while also keeping things simple.

Love, Love, Love

versatile natural ivory rug

I don’t know where to start with the Natural Ivory area rug, but I’ll start by saying it’s one of the best rugs that will work both in and outside of your home. I love it for layering. Love the print. And, I love the texture. Love, love, love. 

This rug is one-of-a-kind and I’m here for it all! The Natural Ivory area rug is made with the same jute cotton blend that makes all of the Colton Collection rugs so easy to use both indoors and outdoors. The natural colors of the Natural Ivory area rug speak to my design heart. I like bringing natural colored elements into every space, like wood beams, wood wall art, and wood accent walls. This Natural Ivory area rug will be the perfect way to complement natural elements in outdoor areas as well as bring the natural vibes indoors. 

Bold Simplicity

versatile natural clay rug

I know the words bold and simplicity don’t typically go together, but this Natural Clay area rug is full of simplicity while bringing bold textures. One of the things that I love most about this rug is that the natural rust toned colors and simple and straightforward while the texture creates interest and excitement. Whether you are looking to make a statement at an outdoor event or want a pop of color inside your home, you need the Natural Clay area rug

Sand and Sky

versatile natural navy rug

The Natural Navy area rug reminds me of the point where the sky meets the sand with it’s natural jute tones mixed with navy blue. It gives me a sense of calm and grounding that just makes me happy. Jute rugs aren’t always thought of as soft, but this rug (and the others from this collection) are a modern take on the classic. The jute cotton mix is much softer than jute by itself which allows us to these rugs in our favorite indoor and outdoor spaces. 

The Best Rugs Will Work Both In and Outside Of Your Home

I promise all of the Colton rugs are the best rugs that work in and outside of your home. I cannot wait to see which of the rugs you end up choosing! Make sure to tag me @angelarosehome in your reveal photos. Remember to follow me on Instagram and TikTok to see how I am styling all the rugs from my collaboration with Loloi.  Working together on this project has been a dream, and I am so proud of what we have created together!


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