Change Your Space By Only Using Paint

try painting tile to change your space

If you were looking to change a space in your home what type of project would you think of doing? Big projects are so fun, but I also love that you can change your space by only using paint. Paint is such a great way to add color, personality, and fun. Come see how easy it is to transform your space with paint. 

change your space with paint
Painting Facelift 

Give your space a facelift with a fresh coat of paint. Maybe you aren’t ready to commit to adding a bold color to your wall, that’s totally ok! Livening up your space with a fresh coat of white paint is a great option as well. White paint may not seem like the most exciting idea, but choosing a shade of white paint can actually be complex. Each shade has different overtones and undertones which will reflect differently in each room. 

I wish there was a generic shade of white that could fit every space perfectly. But since there isn’t, you should check my blog post about different shades of white and why I love each one. My top 3 favorite shades of white are Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore, Silver Satin by Benjamin Moore, and Steam Gray by Rustoleum. I just love that white is so versatile and can reinstate crisp clean walls or have a major impact accenting wood walls.

Change Your Space with Bold Paint Colors

If you are ready to take on a bold color of paint but aren’t quite sure where to start, try a modern green. I love adding shades of green to my home. When I say love, it’s an understatement. I’ve kinda got a thing for green. There is just something about green. It brings a breath of fresh air into a space while also packing a punch of color. It’s soothing and peaceful while also being bold. When it comes down to it, the color green helps me pull the stress out of my home so that my family and I have a calm (ok, calm-ish with kids) place to just be.

If green isn’t your thing, we can still be friends! I promise. While green shades are my go-to, I also love anything that packs a punch. Pick any bold color you like and go for it! Moody colors are a great way to totally re-invent a space. They give a little sass, set the vibe, and make a statement. 

create a DIY quote wall with paint

Quote Wall

Another fun paint project is a DIY quote wall. After doing a year of virtual learning in 2020 I wanted to send my kids back to school with an extra boost of confidence. In our house we battle a lot of anxiety, me included. I wanted a visual reminder to constantly remind us that it’s not until we actually take that leap (and potentially fall) that we realize we can fly. 

Do you have a family quote? Or a quote that you would love to incorporate into your space? Check out my blog post with a full tutorial to create your own quote wall and you can even watch the step-by-step process here.


Painting Tile


Paint can also do more than spruce up walls. Have you heard of people painting the tile in their homes? Painting tile floors are a great solution for changing your space without having to do a full-blown demolition which requires all new flooring. I have painted the floors in my laundry room and two of my bathrooms and loved how they turned out. The Rustoleum home paint I used has held up to everything! It has been 3 years and there isn’t a single scratch or chip. Check out my guide on how to make painting your tile an affordable DIY project with different techniques like using patterns and stencils. It is so fun! I know you are going to love it! 

try painting tile to change your space

Repurpose Old Furniture

You can also breathe new life into your space when you use paint to update your existing furniture. I did a 2 Day, $200 transformation with Cynthia Harper focusing on my IKEA Hemnes dresser. At the end of the second day, the change was remarkable! I always knew the paint color would be gorgeous, but I didn’t realize what an impact the change would make in the nook of my bedroom. If you want to transform your furniture to give it a modern twist, it is really easy! Here’s my blog post where I go into more detail about the process and list all the tools you will need. 

change your furniture with paint

Before You Start Painting Grab the Best Painting Tools

I know we are talking about what kind of projects you can do with paint to change your space.  But, I can’t send you on your way without talking about the best painting tools I’ve found while completing my own painting projects. In my opinion, everyone needs a minimum of a good paintbrush. My favorite brushes are Purdy. They are on the more expensive end, but they last longer than other paintbrushes I’ve used before. You also need the absolute coolest painter’s tape dropcloth combo. I am telling you, this painter’s tape dropcloth combo is something you are going to be amazed by. I get excited every time I get to use it. 

If you are painting a full wall, you will want a good nap roller too. I love using either a ⅜ nap roller or a ¼ nap roller depending on what type of project you are tackling. A ¼ nap roller gives a really smooth finish while a ⅜ nap roller is best for full coverage. If you are looking for even more painting tips, check out this post. Painting doesn’t need to be stressful, you just need the right tools and tricks. 



Change Your Space By Only Using Paint

I love talking about paint. It is such an easy way to give any space new life. Can you change your space with wallpaper or home decor? Sure. But I also think it is really cool that you can change your space by only using paint. Remember, when we stop pinning and start doing, the real magic happens. Follow along with me @angelarosehome on Instagram and TikTok. I  always love sharing my latest projects!


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