Faux Plants for Any Budget

faux plants aren't what they used to be and they're affordable www.angelarosehome.com

I don’t know about you, but I struggle to keep real plants alive. If you have a green thumb I need you to teach me all of your ways! But, until we can get together, I am over here faking people out with realistic looking faux plants. I’m sure you are thinking that in order for them to look good you are going to spend a ton on faux plants. But don’t worry! They have come a long way and there are so many options for faux plants for any budget. 

try fake succulents in your next DIY www.angelarosehome.com

Tell Me What You’re Workin’ With

No matter what type of budget you are working with, I guarantee there is some time of faux plant that will fit into your project. Whether you are working with a smaller budget and just need to add a little something to get the vibe you want or maybe you are willing to spend whatever t takes to get exactly what you want. There are faux plants out there for you!

Some of my favorite places to find faux plants are Amazon, Target, Ikea, and Wayfair. What is great about these stores is that their plants already look real and they have a huge variety to choose from. Here are some of my favorite faux plants for any budget.

Faux Plants for Any Budget


Artificial Hanging Ivy Vines 

hanging ivy vines are an affordable option www.angelarosehome.com

This lifelike fake flower ivy is great for any project… indoor, outdoor you name it. they are made with Uv-resistant and waterproof materials which is perfect for those places where hot weather (or little water) kills plants. Your space will feel fresh with this artificial ivy that adds a touch of nature to your space.


Faux Ivy Plant

aux Ivy is an affordable way to refresh a space www.angelarosehome.com

I love this artificial scindapsus aureus from LuckyGreenery. The shapes of the plant look so real. And, the plant is also evenly colored which gives it a really realistic look.  It is made with high-quality materials so it isn’t easily damaged. Plus, it comes with a minimalist style pot, letting the plant show off its lifelike qualities. But if you are anything like me, you’ll slide this plant into a decorative hanging pot

Artificial Eucalyptus Vine

faux plants are a great way to decorate with any budget www.angelarosehome.com

If you are looking for a hanging faux plant that gives you all the fresh airy feeling of being outside, you need this artificial eucalyptus faux greenery. It can be used anywhere in your home: living room, corridors, porches, cafes, stairs, or even as a wall decoration. It is perfect if you can’t keep an actual plant alive (like me) but still want to enjoy the beauty of nature. 

Faux Fern Plants

aux ferns instantly add green into your space www.angelarosehome.com

This artificial boston fern can easily brighten up any space. Its refreshing color is great for indoor or outdoor projects, especially when you are looking for long-term use. Plus,  the package comes with 6 sprigs of the fern so you have 1 really full looking pot, or spread the ferns out to have a few airy accents.

Artificial Succulent Plants 

try fake succulents in your next DIY www.angelarosehome.com

Miltonson’s artificial succulent plants are the most amazing set of succulents I have found. This set of succulents varies from small to big succulent plants fade-resistant and simply gorgeous, I used them in my outdoor planter wall, but they would also look great in wreaths, terrariums, or even individual mini pots.

Large Artificial Olive Tree

faux olive trees are a great way to refresh a space www.angelarosehome.com
HiRusticReach has the most beautiful faux olive tree. Other stores have other olive tree options that are more affordable, but I love that this artificial olive tree from HiRusticReach is so full. I know this shop isn’t on my list of favorite places to shop for home decor, but I fell in love with it when I saw it! 



Wait…Are They Real or Fake?

No matter what budget you are working with, you still want your faux plants to look real. I’ve got a  few tricks that will help them look pretty convincing. I wrote a blog post all about it that you should check out, but here are a few basics to get you started. 

  1. Choose your faux plants carefully
  2. Add some REAL dirt to the pots of your fake plants
  3. Fluff up the branches on your plants
  4. Place your faux plants in the right space

Faux Plants for Any Budget

I’ve got to know… where are you going to be adding faux plants first? Outside? Inside? Bedrooms? Floating shelves? Let me know on Instagram. Your secret will be safe with me! While you’re there, make sure you’re following me on Instagram and TikTok to see what other DIY projects I’m working on. Stop pinning. Start doing.


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