Affordable Neutral Rug Round Up

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Nothing quite completes a space like an area rug. It can make a room feel instantly finished, and bring a whole space together. So today I have rounded up some favorite affordable neutral rugs that would look good in any space!

Top Three Rug Questions:

I have carpet all over my house. Can I still use a rug? The answer to this question is a resounding YES!!! Rugs are an amazing tool over carpet and serve many functions beyond just being pretty! They can help protect the permanent flooring, OR they can mask carpet that may not be your favorite but isn’t the budget to replace. If you have a bedroom or living room and thought that you weren’t able to put a rug down…GO FOR IT!

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Update Old Furniture with Chalk Paint (and caning)

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Who else is like me and has an old piece of furniture in a forgotten corner of the garage? That is the story of my sad nightstand. I have been wanting to work on my daughter’s room, but haven’t had a budget for it. But right as I was just about to donate this nightstand, I thought of the cutest affordable idea to transform it for her room! You are going to love this chalk paint PLUS caning transformation. Ready to see?

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How to Make Your Home Cozy

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Maybe it’s fall approaching, or just living with a half decorated house for so long, but I feel myself craving warmth and a cozy house. I am finding that a great way to cozy-ify my home is to add layers and texture. Luckily, natural and woven elements are all over these days, so it’s making it easy to add just a few pieces to make my home feel a little more inviting.

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Touch Up Paint like a Pro (Plus my Straight Line Hack)

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By now you all know I love projects, but a project isn’t fully complete until you do all the touch up paint! It’s not glamorous, but it’s what makes your project go from a DIY look to a professional look. Whether it’s patching holes, getting that perfectly straight line, or just freshening up marks and scuffs…I’m here to tell you all my touch up paint tricks. PLUS, my favorite ever straight line hack so you can get perfectly straight lines!

Here are 4 simple tricks for touch up painting like a pro!

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