Top 4 Tips to Make Moving Easier

what's in your boxes?

Packing stinks. There really isn’t any way around it. Even when you are excited about your new adventures, there is a lot of work that goes into moving. Instead of letting your move stress you out, let’s talk about my top 4 tips to make moving easier. 

top 4 tips for an easy moving experience

Where do you even start when it comes to moving?!? Here’s a rundown of my top 4 tips to make moving easier. 

  • Only pack what you need
  • Pack smarter, not harder
  • Have something to look forward to
  • For a little fun…make a playlist

#1-Only Pack What You Need

I find STUFF interesting. And you know what moving does? Moving forces you to face your “stuff”. My #1 tip for making any move easier is to only pack what you need. Take each item, one by one, and stand face to face with it…then decide if it’s something you want to take WITH you or leave behind. It’s a process I find weirdly therapeutic. 

Moving is all about having a fresh start. No one likes moving into a home with a ton of stuff they didn’t even like in the first place. Trust me, make time to go through the “stuff”. And don’t even worry about getting rid of it. There are plenty of places that accept donations. There’s that saying that goes, “ one man’s (or woman’s) trash, is another man’s treasure”. I am not saying my stuff or your stuff is trash. But what I am saying is that there is someone who will find joy in the items you have grown out of. 

Out of all the stuff I own, there are two things that I knew I wanted to keep while I was packing. Can you guess what the two things are? Drumroll…..while going through my STUFF, the two things I knew I wanted to keep without question were my mini lite brite and my red dragon. Both things make me happy and remind me of who I am. 

only pack what you need

#2-Pack Smarter, Not Harder

When you think of packing, do you see an image of putting all of your belongings into a ton of boxes only to repeat the process in reverse once you get to your new house? Well, stop right there! Here are some tips that can help you to pack smarter, not harder. 

  • Don’t unpack drawers
  • Pack creatively
  • Use small boxes 

Instead of unpacking each drawer of your dresser, just take the drawers out and wrap them in plastic so your clothes don’t fall out. That way when you get to your new house the drawers are ready to be put directly into your home without searching for what to wear. You can do this same process with desk drawers too. It is going to save you so much time, not to mention headaches from figuring out where everything is supposed to go. 

Think creatively about packing so that your move is not only smart, but simple. When I moved, I wasn’t bringing a dresser with me. So instead of moving the drawers fully packed, I put my clothes into laundry baskets to keep them organized. This way I was able to organize my belongings in a smart way for me. 



You can do something similar with hanging clothes. Instead of taking all of your clothes off of their hangers, keep your clothes on a hanger and put a kitchen trash bag over them. This will save you so much time and space. Plus, once you get to your new home, all you will need to do is remove the bag and hang up the clothes. 

Does My Box Look Big?

Listen, don’t go for the bigger boxes. Just don’t do it. I know it can be tempting because you can fit so much in them which leaves you with fewer boxes. BUT, big boxes get heavy very quickly. Smaller boxes are easier to carry and stack. They also reduce the risk of damage to what is inside them. Your stuff will be safer in smaller boxes…and your back will be happier with small boxes.

what's in your boxes?

#3-Have Something to Look Forward to

This may seem like a strange tip, but moves can be scary for both kids and adults. If you have an item set aside to look forward to in your new home, it makes the change exciting and full of possibilities. I mentioned above that I knew without a doubt that I wanted to keep my mini lite brite and my red dragon. No matter how nervous I’ve been about this change, I could not wait to place these items in my new master bedroom to help me set the tone for my new home. 

I wanted each of my kids to have something exciting to look forward to in our new home as well, so I had each of them pick out something new for their rooms. Of all the things my baby girl could have picked, she picked a cuckoo clock. Seriously, she could not even handle her excitement the first time she saw it! Her joy was unreal! My middle sweet child picked a golden snitch clock. If you’ve been here with me a while you know that we love Harry Potter so much that we transformed our dining room into the Great Hall. And last, but not least, my oldest picked Brutus from the Ohio State Buckeyes and a really cool BYU football helmet. We are set for cheering on our favorites during football season alright!

have something new for our move

Another thing I have been looking forward to in our new home is a framed picture that I got for each of my kid’s rooms. Over here we have been talking a lot about feelings and the picture says, “Today I am feeling…” I know this will help set the tone for our family so that we can succeed together. 

#4- Make a Playlist

There is no way around it, moves are stressful. But, adding in a little bit of fun can make your move so much easier. Set some time aside to make a playlist for your move. A little quirky, I know. But who doesn’t get a little boost when they are jamming out to their songs, right?!? I can do literally ANYTHING if the right song is playing. Even if you don’t have time to make a full playlist, put on some music, have a little fun, and the tension that comes with any move will melt away. 

Top 4 Tips to Make Moving Easier

Alright, the time has come… It’s time to get moving. Put on that playlist, go through your stuff, pack up smartly, pick something to look forward to, and get excited about your next chapter. Once you get settled in your new place, you are going to bet the DIY bug. I just know it! In fact, check out my blog post on DIY Home Projects. Make sure you are following me on  Instagram and TikTok so we can hang out and DIY together!

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