Best Fall Pillows for Your Living Room

pumpkin spice in a pillow

Fall is in the air and it’s time to start changing up the vibe in your home. How do you like decorating with the changing season? Are you more of fall decor, change to Halloween, then back to fall decorator?  Or is it full-blown Halloween decorations and then fall decor in November at your house? Whether you prefer starting with bats or plaid, a great and easy way to change up decor seasonally in your main living space is with pillows. Check out my list of the best fall pillows for your living room. 

dress up your living room this fall
Pumpkin Spice

Are you a fan of pumpkin spice everything when the weather starts to cool down? Try spicing up your living room with this pillow by Loloi. They actually named it spice! The color is a rich blend between orange and yellow. So if you are looking to add orange tones more naturally, this pillow is for you! 

pumpkin spice in a pillow

Bats, Spiders, and Ghouls…Oh My!

This pillow is making the chorus, “This is Halloween, this is Halloween…” play over and over again in my head. It’s the perfect combination of spider legs and dragon scale vibes in a smoky color. Overall, it’s making me batty! I also love that this pillow isn’t “technically” Halloween. It still meshes with my style while also decorating for the holiday.

Halloween decorative pillows

Snuggly Grid Flannel Vibes


I can just imagine snuggling up to this pillow on the living room couch while being wrapped up in a throw blanket and a good book. It gives me all the vibes of a flannel shirt and the crisp fall air. Plus, it’s a grid pattern! You know I love a good grid!

best decorative pillows for fall

Window Pane

If you’ve been hanging out with me for a while, you know I LOVE window panes! I’ve transformed so many windows by adding a window pane pattern to the glass. I recently refreshed my sliding glass door by adding grids. This grey and cream pillow is giving me all those same grid/window pane vibes with a cozy fall texture. 

snuggle up with fall pillows

Seasons are Changing

We talk about fall without mentioning some decor that showcases a shade of brown. I love this taupe living room pillow because it is different. There is a pattern, but it looks like it is almost fading away. Talk about the change of seasons!

add some natural tones into your living room

The Leaves are Falling

A staple of the fall season is when the leaves change color and start falling off the trees. You know, the color of the leaves fluttering in the wind until they have a pool of color on the ground. The transition of color on this Marin pillow reminds me of that change in the leaves. It’s a little bit subtle, a little bit bold, and a lot of awesome!

unique fall living room pillows



Fall Textures 

When you think of all things fall, there are a whole lot of textures. Smooth apples, crunchy leaves, scratchy straw…I love adding textures into a space which is why I love this creamy sage pillow. This pillow isn’t one flat texture. The woven patterns build the layers of textures and colors and I am here for it!

cream and sage fall pillow

Fall Picnic

This gingham patterned pillow reminds me of a bushel of freshly picked apples, fall hayrides, and a sunset picnic. I mean, Vegas falls aren’t exactly like that, but it’s what I imagine when I think of fall. The burnt orange color isn’t over the top, but it brings a bit of color into your living room for the season.

fall picnic in a pillow

Mossy Eucalyptus

Does anyone else love the white cinderella pumpkins? I have been digging the trend of mixing white cinderella pumpkins with accents of eucalyptus. This moss pillow by Magnolia Home is giving me those same vibes. 

fantastic fall living room pillows

Subtle Sage

If you are looking for a more subtle nod to the season, you need this patterned pillow. It makes me think of a throw blanket you wrap yourself up in to watch the leaves change. The pattern is primarily shades of cream and gray, with a woven sage detail. It could also be used as a great accent with the moss pillow I mentioned before. 

plaid pillows this fall

Best Fall Pillows for Your Living Room

Alright, you know what time it is…it’s time to switch up your home decor and incorporate the best fall pillows for your living room. I can’t wait to see whether you are team batty, team neutral, or team pumpkin spice! That is the best thing about DIY, we all get to find ideas and make them our own. If you are looking for other DIY ideas, hang out with me on Instagram and TikTok. I am always putting my own spin on home projects. 

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