Top 10 Fall Stems for Your Home

assortment of boho grasses and flowers

I love fall, but the leaves in my neighborhood don’t actually change when it officially becomes fall. I guess that’s what you get when you live in Vegas. Still, I want the fall experience so that means I’ve got to create my own fall feeling. I love creating a sense of fall in my home with unique floral stems. That’s why I am sharing the top 10 fall stems for your home.

the best fall floral stems
Natural Dried Palm Leaves

dried palm leaves

Natural dried palm leaves may seem like an unusual way to celebrate fall. But, the truth is, the dried tropical palm flowers are a similar color as corn husks, but a bit more stylish. They are a unique way to bring in seasonal change. Plus, the palm leaves are sturdy and reliable, which means you can use them year after year.

Thistle Flowers

rustic fall arrangement

This thistle arrangement  has all the natural feels of fall. It feels like a harvest bouquet that was gathered on an evening walk in the crisp air. Ok, the air isn’t that crisp in Vegas, but I’m dreaming of a fall you see in Hallmark movies. You know, apple cider, hayrides, thick flannel blankets wrapped around you and your loved ones. I just love that these stems are so diverse because they are ready to put in your favorite vase and display in your home to add some rustic charm. 

Thin Fall Leaves

whispy fall leaves

These thin autumn leaves are great stems to arrange together as a bundle of fall or as an addition to a more eclectic arrangement. They remind me of crunchy leaves that snap in half when you touch them. But, since they are faux plants, you won’t have any mess in your house. I love that they have such shape and height! I could see them in a gorgeous tall vase making a statement in any entryway. 

Eucalyptus and White Pumpkins

eucalyptus and cinderella pumpkin picks

These eucalyptus and white pumpkin picks are a great option to subtly add in some fall flavor throughout your home. I am a sucker for shades of green, which is probably why I love these stems so much. Pumpkin spice is great, but sometimes you just want to add a touch of fall to your existing home decor. I can totally see the eucalyptus and white pumpkins scattered throughout your living room or gathered around a candle to create a sage fall aesthetic.

Extra-fluffy Pampas Grass

extra-fluffy pampas grass

Pampas grass is all the rage right now. This extra-fluffy pampas grass has dimension and texture that will liven up your home this fall. The shades of brown give a harvest feel in a trendy way. And the best part of these pampas grass stems is that they are ready to be placed in a vase. Instant fall vibes!



Fall Baby’s Breath

rich fall baby's breath stems

If you are looking to add in some floral stems without anything too big or showy, try these fall baby’s breath stems. I love that the color of the faux flowers is so rich. They invite fall into whatever space they are added to without screaming, “Look at me.” They seem to say, “I’ve got you, it’s fall.” But really, could you imagine if flowers could talk?

Boho Dried Grasses

assortment of boho grasses and flowers

This assortment of dried boho grasses is the perfect blend of pampas grass and dried flowers. I love that you can add a little of this and that to get the vibe you want without having to break the bank. Since this is an assortment, you can make one big arrangement that makes a statement or break them up into smaller pieces to carry fall through your entire home. 

Cotton Stems

dried cotton stems welcome fall

I don’t know what it is about fluffy cotton stems, but they give me all the fall vibes. You can add the cotton stems into wreaths, vases, clear bottles…honestly, they are so versatile they can be used anywhere. 

Autumn Berries

fall colored berry stems

Do you love adding pops of color to your arrangements? These autumn berries are the perfect way to do that. I don’t always want to fully commit to the candy corn colors of fall, but adding these colors into other arrangements here and there can really round out fall home decor

Fall Eucalyptus Stems

yellow eucalyptus floral stems

These fall eucalyptus stems just speak to me. And the gold-yellow tones are everything! When I look at them I can just feel the weather changing and the shift of activities in the calendar. These stems have such a natural beauty even though they are fake. 

Top 10 Fall Stems for Your Home

I love adding touches of fall throughout my home so that I can fully enjoy the season. Whether it’s some fall pillows on my couch or some floral stems in tall vases. Adding these decor elements really transform any home seasonally. That’s why I had to share these top 10 fall stems for your home. I also love sharing my DIY adventures on Instagram and TikTok. Come hang out with me! I always have something going on. And don’t forget…Stop pinning. Start doing. That’s when all the fun DIY magic happens.  

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