How to Choose the Right Rug for Your Space

how to find a unique rug

You know I love a good floor plan with hardwoods flowing between rooms. But part of the reason I love that kind of design so much is because I get to create unique spaces within the flow with different rugs. You can create such a unique feel from room to room by adding one simple thing: a rug. Knowing how to choose the right rug for your space can be tricky. Don’t worry! You know I’ve always got you covered! Let’s go through all the things to consider when choosing the right rug. 

pick a new rug to refresh your space www.angelarosehome.comConsider Your Space When Choosing the Right Rug

Rugs come in a wide assortment of shapes and sizes. I mean there are a lot of different places we can put a rug, right? Although you can pretty much dream up any size you want, the most common sizes of rugs are 9×12, 8×10, and 5×8.

9×12 rugs are the perfect size for a larger scale living room or a large open area. It is a nice way to cover and unify a complete space at one time. This size also works best under a king bed. It will sit directly under your bed and leave just the right amount of space to sink your feet into when you wake up in the morning.

8×10 rugs are great for slightly larger areas like living rooms, dining rooms, and open areas. Think big, but not too big. They also fit nicely under a queen bed while still giving you a comforting border for those toes. 

tie your space together with a rug

5×8 rugs are best for smaller living rooms. They won’t fit entirely under a couch, but they can be placed underneath a coffee table or even in front of a fireplace with two chairs for a cozy feel. 5×8 rugs also work well with twin beds with a cozy walk-around border. 

When it comes to the size of the rug, just remember, the general rule of thumb is to buy the largest rug that will fit in your room while keeping about 18 inches around the edge of the rug free. This will help your space feel large, open, and inviting.

How is the Rug Made?

When choosing a rug, you also need to consider how the rug is made. What materials is the rug made out of? Has the rug been designed to be high-pile or low-pile? Different materials and fibers add character to each rug and serve different purposes depending on the vibe you want in your space.

how to find a unique rug
Rugs are made of either natural materials or synthetic materials. Synthetic materials tend to be more affordable, but typically don’t last a long time. While natural materials seem to last forever, they have a higher price tag because of it.

When looking into the materials the rug is made of, also consider where you will be placing the rug. Will it be an indoor rug or an outdoor rug? Will your rug be located in a high-traffic area?  There are definitely some materials that look pretty, but can’t hold up to as much wear and tear. For example, I love adding natural elements into a space, but I know that if a jute rug is outside in an area with lots of rain, it will eventually get moldy because jute is very absorbent. Just do your research to make sure the materials of the rug will be right for your space.




Have you heard the terms high-pile or low-pile? They are really common in the rug world. Pile just means the soft fibers that come out of the backing of the rug. High-pile rugs have longer or higher fibers and are known for being softer. Just know that high-pile rugs can be hard to clean and can show wear and tear more easily. But they do have a more interesting texture. They are great for spaces where you are looking to create a comfortable feel.

Low-pile rugs are great for high-traffic areas. Think hallway, kitchen, and dining rooms. The reason behind this is that the fibers of the rug are shorter. They won’t catch on furniture, are easier to clean, toys won’t accidentally get lost…You can see where my thought process goes. Spills. Kids. Toys. Everyday life. Low-pile rugs hold their own in those spaces that get a lot of action. 

While high-pile rugs are generally softer and have a more interesting texture, they are also prone to showing wear and indentations from the furniture. They also tend to be harder to clean. For high-traffic areas like a dining room or hallway, choose a low-pile rug, saving high-pile rugs for areas like bedrooms where comfort is a priority.

3 tips for finding the perfect rug

Color and Design

Now on to the fun research…design! There are no rules when it comes to picking the color and design of a rug. It’s all about personal preference and the look you want in the space. I love adding traditional patterned rugs into a space with a modern feel to give contrast and depth. I mean, you guys!! There are so many options out there! I know whatever you end up choosing will be the right rug for your space. Just find something that speaks to you.

what to consider when getting a new rug

Ultimately, the decision of what rug you choose will depend on your personal preferences. Just remember to think about:

  • Size of the rug
  • Rug materials and fibers
  • Color and design that will fit your space

How to Choose the Right Rug for Your Space

Now that you know how to choose the right rug for your space, are you ready to pick the perfect rug? I can’t wait to see what you pick so be sure to tag me @angelarosehome in your reveal posts. Don’t forget, I’m one of your biggest cheerleaders! DIY is more fun when we do it together. Make sure you are following me on Instagram and TikTok so we can hang out together! I am always up to something. 


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