Top 4 Amazon Rugs for Your Home

Loloi rugs on Amazon

A house just speaks to me when it has a modern flow. You know the houses with flooring that transitions seamlessly from room to room? It makes the house feel like it goes on forever. I love feeling the transition from room to room when the bare floor is accessorized with its own unique rug. I love a good area rug so naturally, I needed to share my favorite top 4 Amazon rugs for your home. 

top 4 amazon rugs

Why Use an Area Rug in Your Home

Area rugs are great! They are commonly used in rooms with hardwood-style floors, but they can also be laid on top of any type of carpet to create warmth and accentuate your style. I think of them as a way to tie different elements in a room together. 

I also love that rugs can help reduce the noise in a room. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, but they can get loud. Especially when everyone is busy with their activities. Seriously, the echo can be unreal, but when I have area rugs placed in the right spots it makes all the difference. 

Top 5 Amazon Rugs for Your Home

Loloi rugs on Amazon

#1-Brick Oriental Area Rug

I love this Brick Oriental Area Rug I found on Amazon. It is part of the debut area rug launch and collaboration between DIY experts, Chris & Julia Marcum and the award-winning Loloi brand. It has a classic design but also feels very vintage-y. I always feel like it’s telling me a story through its layers of hazy blue/grays woven together with distressed rusty browns. This rug would be gorgeous in any room, but can you imagine the Brick Oriental Area Rug in a room with moody dark walls and a caramel brown couch? Ooh! It would be so good!

top Amazon rugs

#2-Multi Oriental Area Rug

The Multi Oriental Area Rug is another rug from the collaboration between Chris & Julia Marcum and Loloi that can be found on Amazon. It is part of the Jule Collection which is known for its printed rug technology. You honestly can’t go wrong with any of their designs, but for me, this rug was love at first sight. The rich colors were thoughtfully layered to show off the extremely detailed design which creates endless opportunities to style a room. This rug would be amazing in a living room, bedroom, dining room, or even give extra life to an at-home office. 



warm up your space with a rug

#3-Charcoal Traditional Area Rug

The Charcoal Traditional Area Rug on Amazon is beautiful. The print feels like it has a lived-in design which makes it seem like your brand new rug has had a life of its own before it even arrives at your door. Its texture reminds me of a timeless old-world rug with a sophisticated color palette that will stand the test of time. 

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#4-Moss Traditional Area Rug

Do not pass up this Moss Traditional Area Rug from Loloi on Amazon! Its traditional vibe is so elegant and beautiful and would elevate any space.  I also love that this rug is stain-resistant! If you have kids, you need to consider this rug for your family. It won’t be ruined if a glass of apple juice is spilled when you aren’t looking

Things to Remember When Ordering a Rug Online

Creases-Your rugs are coming in the mail so they will most likely have creases. Don’t worry! The creases are not permanent. You just have to allow time for the creases to flatten and settle once you place them in your space. 

Padding– Keep in mind that most rugs don’t come with padding. You should really consider buying a rug pad in addition to your rug. Buying a rug pad increases the life of your rug, adds more comfort to your room, and protects your floors. My favorite rug pad is the Loloi-Grip. And yes, you can definitely grab it on Amazon when you are purchasing your rug. 

Smell– When your rugs arrive at your front door, you may notice they have a slight smell. This is totally normal. Some rugs have a mild chemical odor when they are first opened.  The smell usually goes away within 24 hours, but if it is bothering you, try airing out your rug with a fan or opening a window.

Top 5 Amazon Rugs for Your Home

At this point, I am sure you already have an area rug added to your cart. I’m right… right? It’s okay. We are besties now. I’ve got you! Which rug from the list of the top 4 Amazon rugs for your home is in your cart? And since we are besties, don’t forget to hang out with me on Instagram and Tik Tok. That’s where I share all sorts of DIY fun and I want you there with me! Remember, we just have to stop pinning and start doing. That’s when the magic happens. 


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