My 5 Favorite DIY Projects

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They say, “Leave things better than you found them.” And that’s exactly what I’ve always tried to do. So much of my heart and soul has gone into making the original Angela Rose Home everything I could dream of. I may be moving, but this home, the beginning of Angela Rose Home, will always be my baby. I wanted to highlight a few favorite projects from the first Angela Rose Home, so here are my 5 favorite DIY projects

my favorite DIY projects

Kitchen Renovation

Where do I start with the kitchen? So many projects were involved in the overall kitchen renovation. I modified cabinets, built a range hood, created a kitchen hutch, constructed a waterfall kitchen island, and finished everything off with a new kitchen table. I learned a ton and got to work with so many incredible people!   

Star Bathroom Glow Up

The star bathroom renovation was another big project in the original Angela Rose Home that I poured my heart and soul into. There are so many parts and pieces to the star bathroom, but the best part about it is that the reno was affordable and everything turned out better than I imagined. 

For the ceiling and walls, I knew I wanted something unique. So, I used tongue and groove pine boards to create an elevated spa feeling on the ceiling with select pine beams. It may seem over the top to add details like this to the ceiling, but I totally stand behind it. There is just something about adding a variety of textures into a space. Which is also why I had to add details to the walls too. Are you team shiplap? When it came to the  walls, painted pine shiplapboards was the best choice.  Then I tied everything together with really cool pegs

What is a bathroom without a vanity that makes a statement,right? The bathroom used to be basic. Nothing exciting,that is, until I added my Angela magic! I changed the vanity by using an appliance epoxy for the sink and this chalk paint in charcoal for the vanity.

Then on the floors, I used this Rustoleum Home Floor Paint in Ultra White and Black to create the STARS of the star bathroom. If you are looking to affordably add a pattern to your tile, check out my full tutorial for How To Paint Your Tile Floor. Adding this detail was so impactful that I named the whole room after the star pattern. 


The first time I walked through the house I can remember looking up at the giant bulky staircase and thinking, I’m going to knock that out in a day. I’ll willingly admit I was ambitious to think that it would only take a day to complete. It actually took three months to be exact, but I finally did renovate that awkward staircase!

I go through all of the details in my staircase renovation tutorial. But guys, I know I am a DIY nerd, but it was all the little things that went into this project. It started with a good old fashioned demolition day. Out with the old and in with the new! Then, I trimmed out the staircase with my favorite go-to Medium-Density Fiberboards.

And then there’s the modern and sleek railing system. I had never renovated a staircase before this, but I wanted to try my hand at installing Viewrails because I’d heard they were manageable to install. If you weren’t here when I was in the middle of the install, SPOILER ALERT, they deserve all the hype! 

This project made such an impact on my home overall. It helped with the flow and helped everything feel more modern. If you’re looking for the courage to make a BIG change in your home, I am your biggest cheerleader. You can do it! 



Aubrey’s Bunk of Dreams

Since we are talking about my top 5 favorite DIY projects in the original Angela Rose Home, I had to include the built-in bunk bed I made for Aubrey! Her whole room has a special vibe. But, that’s Aubrey for you, right? I needed to create a modern bed style for her so that all her magical dreams could fly free. 

To this day, I am still in awe of how the built-in bunk turned out! It started as something I imagined in my head that I was able to create with the help of my dad. Not only was I making Aubrey’s dreams come true, but my dad also helped my dreams come to life! I mean, what kid doesn’t dream of having a bed with a slide and a playhouse?

I love built-in bunk beds. They are just so fun! If you are looking to create a built-in bunk bed for your home, check out what it looked like while I was building mine. I’ve got a whole highlight bubble about it on Instagram. It was a whole lot of fun for us to create and I know it will be for you too! 

Giant Lite Brite

And last, but certainly not least….drumroll…..the GIANT lite brite!!! I don’t know that I can pick one absolute favorite from this list of top 5 favorites, but man. This DIY lite brite is at the very top of the list. 

When I was younger, I loved playing with lite brites. You know, the toy where you got to make fun pictures that lit up and looked magical? I decided to surprise my kids with one, but giant. I know you may be wondering why I wanted the project to be giant…over the top awesome is just how I roll. Plus, there was a perfect spot for it!

This DIY project, like all DIY projects, took some problem-solving and lots of hours! Approximately 8 just to drill the holes. All the effort that went in was worth it because it turned out amazing in the end. But, I’m not going to lie, the process wasn’t exactly pretty. But that is the beauty of DIY. You can create beautiful things even when the projects don’t turn out exactly as planned.

My 5 Favorite DIY Projects

Of the projects I’ve done in this home, what are your favorites? I’ve shared my top 5 favorite DIY projects and I can’t wait to hear yours. It’s time to take on the next Angela Rose Home, so make sure you are following me on Instagram and TikTok for all of the DIY projects I am taking on. I’ve got big things in store! 

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