2021 Kitchen Design Trends: DIY the Look on a Budget

I can’t believe the kitchen is finished! From a dream in my head to the install, so much thought thought and
design went into creating the space you see on my feed.

I wanted to walk you through the designer elements I’ve used in my kitchen from materials to
colors to show how YOU can get a designer kitchen on a budget. Ready? You got this!

Shaker Cabinet Doors made for YOU to DIY

Shaker cabinet doors are seen in designer homes in a variety of colors, styles and finishes.
When deciding on refacing or remodelling your kitchen, shaker cabinet doors are on-trend,
design flexible, and great for resale! Replacing all of your cabinets just to get shaker doors can
get expensive, very quickly. By refacing (and replacing only your door and drawer fronts), you
can get a designer look for a fraction of the cost of a demo and remodel!

While you may consider building your own shaker doors and painting them, doors made with
seams are more likely to warp or crack. Shaker cabinet doors from Nieu are made in two pieces
– the frame as a single piece with no corner joints, and a flat center panel. Opting for two-piece
instead of five-piece doors creates a stronger door that holds up to the daily rigors of your
kitchen, but also provides the best material for paint!

My Slim Shaker cabinet doors are designed for a contemporary look on the classic shaker. The
rail is slimmed down to 2 ¼” to give a slimmer profile, and I added an extra beaded detail on
the Detail door for that extra something if something a little more decorative is more your
style. (code ANGELAROSEHOME5 gets you 5% off order)

Paint Colors

I always hear the question “Angela, how did you pick the perfect cabinet paint color?” The
answer is by looking at a lot of paint! I worked through over 20 paint colors to select the three

added to the Nieu color collection: Bonny Black, Dream Dusk, and Only Olive. The best part is
that these are all exact matches to Sherwin Williams colors, so that you can paint your cabinet
bases while your custom doors get made.

My best tip is to look at color samples in your space against your countertop and flooring, at
different times of the day and lighting. You’ll be surprised how much a color can change during
the day, so try it out with your sample kit.

In my kitchen, I wanted a moody greenish/greyish/blackish/blueish color, and found the perfect
one in Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom. We named this Dream Dusk in the color at Nieu, since it
reminds me of the calm and dark of evening light.

Black cabinets are a beautiful dramatic accent, usually seen as base cabinets with light uppers,
or as a focal point with a black island and lighter cabinets surrounding. Earth tones are the new
neutral, so I also added the Only Olive color for that perfect natural green.

Check out the paint chart to see the matching Sherwin Williams paint colors!

Storage Hutches

Floating shelves are beautiful, but if you crave storage behind doors, or have limited space for
floating shelves, countertop hutches are one of 2021’s most stylish AND functional trends.
Using upper cabinets, I created a stack of cabinetry that sits on my countertop for functional
and beautiful storage. I opted for glass ready doors to make this hutch feel decorative, but if
you worry about keeping things tidy – pick a solid door and create a beautiful focal point!

Aged Brass Hardware

Adding warmth to the cool tones of my cabinets was important in my design, while also adding
an aged, lived in feel to a space where everything was like-new again! I used a bronze ager
technique on unlacquered brass to make my pulls a perfect combination of worn, shiny, and

aged. Adding brass or gold fixtures with cool tones cabinets balances warm and cool tones for
that luxury look in your space.

Your Designer DIY Kitchen

Adding character and personality to your kitchen by updating your cabinet doors and paint
color is one of the most impactful changes you can make. It doesn’t have to be expensive and
you don’t need to hire a contractor! If you have a few tools and believe in yourself, you can
replace your doors and drawer faces to get that designer looking kitchen, NOW!

Now that you know all the ways I brought designer looks into my space, are you ready to tackle
your DIY makeover? Check out these How To videos for everything you need to get started.
Stop pinning, start DOING! (code ANGELAROSEHOME5 gets you 5% off order on Nieu)

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