How to Update Décor for the Holidays

add florals in this holiday season

The weather is changing and the holidays are coming! But, let’s be honest, switching out decor can feel overwhelming and expensive. Instead of adding stress to the holiday season, you just need to know how to update decor for the holidays. The keyword here is UPDATE! You don’t have to switch everything in your home to give off the ultimate holiday vibes. This year I’m focusing on small ways to make an impact. 

decorate for the holidays www.angelarosehome.comSwitch out Your Rugs Seasonally


Area rugs are great no matter what time of year it is. They are commonly used in rooms with hardwood-style floors, but they can also be laid on top of any type of carpet to create warmth, cut back on echo, and accentuate your style. Plus they come in so many shapes and sizes!

switch out your rugs for holidays

To welcome the holidays, try switching out your rugs. You will be shocked at what a big impact such an easy change can have on your whole home. Remember, I said the keyword is to update. So, roll up your everyday rug and try out some new patterns/colors because it is a perfect way to update your home decor for the holidays. 

Throw in Some Holiday Magic with Throw Pillows

When I imagine the holidays, I think of cozying up on the couch while enjoying time with family and friends. The couch and other sitting areas are great areas to switch out home decor with different throw pillows.  

There are so many throw pillows out there! Some have cute sayings, some bring in different textures, but overall they give a cozy feel to the holidays. I’m curious, do you gravitate toward different decor for each holiday, or do you look for decorations that will carry from holiday to holiday?

This moss pillow from Loloi in collaboration with Magnolia Home is a great example of a pillow that can be incorporated into a few different holidays. I can see it being the perfect accent to some Cinderella pumpkins, while also being paired with some deep reds to give a natural feel of holy plants. 

cozy up with holiday pillows www.angelarosehome.comI know I keep saying this, but giving your family a holiday experience can be simple if you find ways to update the home decor you already have. You may have been thinking, “Angela, pillows are an easy update, but I don’t have anywhere to store a bunch of pillows when they aren’t being used, and don’t want to spend a ton of money.” I get it. I really do. If you were thinking this, another great way to do that involves pillow covers. All you need to do is order some cute covers, and then slip them over your favorite tried-and-true pillow.

Create Real Holiday Spirit With Faux Plants and Stems

Another great way to bring in the details of the holidays are with floral stems and faux plants. Faux plants are not what they used to be. Fake plants have come a long way. It’s not like the fake-y fake stuff.  When done right, faux plants and stems can be pretty convincing.

add florals in this holiday season

I love using faux details in so many ways. You can build big arrangements, add small details to your fireplace, or add pops of color here and there. Plus, faux plants and floral stems are super affordable! They are a great way to add holiday spirit throughout your home in meaningful ways. 

Not so Small Way of Bringing in the Holidays

Let’s say you love these practical ways of updating your decor for the holidays, but this year you are looking to be a little extra. As I’m sure you can tell, this year I am all about using what I have and keeping it simple. But, last year was a totally different story! I went big, all out EXTRA, and created an overall experience for the holidays by creating the Hogwarts Great Hall.  

You may be wondering why I decided to create a Hogwarts-inspired holiday experience. Well, a big reason for the project was my kids. They are obsessed with Harry Potter, especially my middle child Blake (watch this video to see his reaction). So why not turn my dining room into the Hogwarts Great Hall?

create a holiday experience with décor
If you are looking for a BIG way of updating your home for the holidays, find materials that will transform your space without being permanent. Removable wallpaper is a great solution for these types of projects.  I knew that my dining room wouldn’t transport me to Hogwarts forever, so I used removable wallpaper. There were a ton of other details to this transformation so check out the full reveal here

How to Update Decor for the Holidays

Whether you are looking to keep it small this holiday season or tackle a full-blown transformation, now you know how to update decor for the holidays this year. I am always working on DIY projects, whether it’s the holidays or not, so hang out with me on Instagram and TikTok. I’ve always got something going on! Remember, it’s time to stop pinning and start doing. 

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