3 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas With Tutorials

Candlestick houses

3 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

Isn’t Christmastime the best? I love all the holiday spirit, family time, yummy treats, and of course the decorating. It’s especially fun when I can look at everything I put up and think, “I made this!” If you’re looking to DIY your Christmas decorations this year or looking for a fun family project for the holidays, I’ve got 3 DIY Christmas decoration ideas with tutorials to share with you. You’ll have to let me know which one you like most.

3 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas angelarosehome.com

1. DIY Candlestick Houses

Aren’t these candlestick houses so charming? This DIY project is pretty simple even if you’re brand new to power tools. I did this project last year with my friend Erin from @cottonstem to teach her how to use power tools, and she did such a great job. So I believe in you, you’ve got this. I ended up making thirteen of these cute wooden houses. It looks best if you vary the heights of each house. I also cut the rooftops at a few different angles to add variety. For the color, I used a combination of stain, black paint, and ivory paint. I love how it turned out. Of course, adding the tall red candlesticks and fairy lights brings this whole display to life. I put these houses on the floating bench in my living room. Though they would also look great on an entryway table, shelf, or dining table as a centerpiece. For the full tutorial head to this post here, and let’s make these together!

Candlestick houses

2. DIY Nativity Scene

Okay, this DIY nativity scene was a special project for me. I’ve always wanted to build something like this to put in my front yard. Last Christmas, I finally got to check this off my list. Contrary to popular vote on my Instagram stories, I decided to paint the stable black. I love the natural look of stained wood but I’m so glad I went with black for a nice contrast. To get the perfect Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus cutouts, I used a science fair worthy trick. I printed off some pictures I found on Google and cut them out. I then placed them in front of a flashlight until I got the shadow the size I wanted for each silhouette. Then following the shadows, I traced the images onto the wood. Pretty cool, right? If you’d like to tackle this nativity project, you can get the full tutorial here.

Nativity scene

3. DIY Sparkle Balls

Now let’s talk about this year’s Christmas project. A year ago I saw the coolest Christmas light idea and told myself I had to remember it for this year. I’m not sure the best name for this, but for now, we’ll call them DIY sparkle balls! This is something I’d never seen before, but when I shared them on Instagram I found out a lot of people’s grandparents do this. To make these sparkle balls all you need are clear plastic cups, Christmas lights of your choice (I used these), clothespins, and a stapler. I got all my supplies from Target. Before I did anything else, I drilled holes through the bottom of each cup. This is where I was going to eventually stick the lights through. 

Now for the first row, I stapled twelve of the clear plastic cups together side to side making a circle. Here’s where the clothespins came in handy. For the next two rows, I used nine cups and then four on top. I used the clothespins to hold the cups in place and then went back through and stapled them together. Once I had half the ball done, I pulled a light through each of the holes I drilled in the cups. Then I repeated the steps for the other half of the ball and stapled the two halves together. 

In total, I used fifty cups and a string of one hundred lights for each ball. Tip: make sure you use soft plastic cups for this. Altogether I made five sparkle balls that I hung from the tree in our front yard. What do you think? For more details on this project, you can watch my stories saved to this Instagram highlight

Christmas lights

3 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

What do you think about these 3 DIY Christmas decoration ideas? Do you have a favorite? If I had to pick, mine might be the Nativity scene. It’s just so special to me. Now if you make any of these decorations this season, be sure to tag me on Instagram! I love seeing how my projects inspire you to pick up some tools and create your own. Also, if you’re looking for a last-minute Christmas gift idea for your kids, I’ve got you covered. You can make this super cute modern dollhouse. I’ve even got some easy-to-follow printable plans for you here.

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