DIY Candlestick Houses

If you missed Erin and I making these DIY candlestick houses here is a little tutorial. If you want more information or videos Erin has created a highlight bubble on her Instagram page – @cottonstem.

Supplies needed

First, I cut the 4×4 pine in half so it was easier to work with. Next I used a paddle bit in 7/8 to drill an offset hole for the 3/4″ copper chimney. Make sure to drill the whole height of the bit so that when you cut the roof off the hole is deep enough.

Next, make two 45, 60 or 30 degree cuts for each side of the roof. Finally, I cut the house to the desired height…and then repeated the process for the other houses!

Then stain or paint the houses. Place the copper coupling fittings in the hole (I used some glue to keep them from wiggling) and put the candle inside.

Of course, add twinkle lights to finish the look. Follow along on @angelarosehome for more DIY projects!

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