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Entryways can be a tricky place to tackle in your home. So many important things happen there. You welcome family and friends. Send off kids to school. Yet, the space isn’t quite big enough to be its whole own room. No matter how big or small a space is, I think it is important to make your home feel like an extension of you. That is why I’ve created a list of entryway essentials so that you can update your space and create something you love.

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#1-Area Rug

Not only is a rug functional, but it is also a simple way to add a lot of flair to your entryway. The key to finding the perfect rug for your entry is finding the right size and material of the rug. The general rule for entryway rugs is to give 12-24 inches of floor space between your rug and the walls. Of course, each entry will be a bit different, but this helps you to know what to look for. 

You also want a durable rug since entryways are high-traffic areas. My favorite rugs for high-traffic areas are for a collection I created with Loloi. It was lovingly named after my son Colton. I wanted the Colton Collection to be full of design and inspiration as well as ultra-durable so that you could use it in literally ANY space in your home. 

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If you still aren’t sure where to start with your entryway rug, check out my rugs 101 blog post for even more tips. 

#2-Faux Plants

No matter what type of budget you are working with, I guarantee there is some time of faux plant that will work perfectly in your entryway. I know what you are thinking…fake plants?! But, trust me the faux plants of our childhood are no longer around. 

As much as I’d like to have a bunch of thriving houseplants around, I struggle to keep real plants alive. Does anyone else have the same problem? But, I don’t let my lack of a green thumb keep me from adding some greenery to my home. Instead, I make faux plants look real. You want to make sure you get the best of the best, so head to Target and IKEA. They have the best faux greenery! You can also check out my blog post for more tips on how to make faux plants look realistic.

I love using faux greenery in the entryway because it is a great transition from being outdoors to then being inside the home. It adds freshness and life. Not to mention a little bit of green. You know I love anything that is green

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#3-Modern Light Fixtures

Another essential element of the entryway is lighting. Some entryways are blessed to have windows that allow natural light to fill the entry. But, other entryways can be stuffy and dark. Light fixtures are a great way to make a big change in your entryway whether you need more light or what to bring in your personal style. I love adding lighting to my home when I am looking to tie a space together because they add such a wow factor! There are so many amazing options out there, but I want you to have the best of the best so check out my blog post with the most unique light pictures. 


Is your entryway begging for a light fixture, but the wiring just isn’t there? Calling an electrician to rewire your wall for sconces and light fixtures can get really expensive. Did you know you can add working sconces without hardwiring them into the wall? Check out this post to walk you through it.  I want you to have the lighting of your dreams too, so let’s walk through how to add a working light fixture without hardwiring it.




Don’t let your entryway walls be bare! There are so many fun ways to introduce your guests to you as soon as they step through the door with art. In the original Angela Rose Home, I added a big gallery wall with pictures of my family. You can also add some affordable large-scale art that speaks to who your family is. The possibilities are seriously endless!  

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Entryway Essentials

I can’t wait to update the entry in my new home with these entryway essentials. I’ve already overhauled the dining room that you see from the entry. I actually call it my entry dining room, but I still have a few things to add to the entry itself. Make sure you are hanging out with me on Instagram and TikTok so you can be the first to know when I am adding those details. And remember, it’s time to make your entryway everything you want it to be, so stop pinning and start doing. 


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