Introducing: My Rug and Pillow Collections with Loloi

Angela Rose x Loloi

The day is finally here! You know I’ve been working night and day to have my entry dining room ready before sharing a really big announcement. Well, the time has come and I am beyond excited to share with you my rug and pillow collections with Loloi! Working together for the past year and a half on this with Loloi has been a dream, and I am so proud of what we have created together. So much love and thought has gone into making each one of these a great collection, and I am confident that these pieces will be beautiful and functional in your homes! I can’t wait to see them in your spaces!

Love, Ang

Angela Rose x Loloi

Aubrey Collection

The rugs in the Aubrey Collection are reminiscent of vintage, one-of-a-kind rugs. Which is very fitting since the collection is named after my one-of-a-kind girl. The color palettes are warm and full of distressed patterns, resulting in beautiful lived-in rugs. Each rug was constructed to be durable while also feeling soft and smooth underfoot. 

People always ask me what I think about when I am designing a space. The biggest thing for me is finding elements that excite me. One way I like doing this is finding a rug that looks like an art piece. The Aubrey Collection is full of patterns and textures that make you feel like you are adding a piece of art to your home. There is even a gorgeous edge detail that acts as a frame.

the Aubrey collection

These rugs look and feel like elevated, elegant rugs – but they are totally affordable!  The Aubrey Collection is full of rugs that are going to spark inspiration and get you going. 


1. Navy Multi

2. Aqua Sand

3. Ocean Spice

4. Jade Natural

5. Blue Terracotta

6. Sage Bark

Blake Collection

The Blake Collection, named after my middle child, draws inspiration from antique rug designs. All of the rugs offer up a mix of distressed and traditional motifs. The collection has muted color palettes, soft piles, and durability, making it versatile. Plus, they are a beautiful addition to any space. 

modern rugs for your home

To me, the Blake Collection has rugs that feel like a deep breath. The mix of warm and cool tones create an almost neutral color palette which is so relaxing. Not to mention, these rugs are so soft! 

detailed rugs

These rugs will work in any room, with any style. I can imagine little toes playing on these rugs throughout the day, amazing for barefoot dance parties, or even a perfect good morning greeting to your feet to start your day.  What place do you not want a soft rug, right? The rugs in the Blake Collection feel like Heirloom pieces that are practical for your home. 

1. Sky Beige

2. Ocean Mocha

3. Taupe Blue

4. Denim Taupe

5. Beige Denim

6. Sand Sky

7. Oatmeal Spice

8. Navy Multi

Colton Collection

I am all about using natural elements to round out any space. The Colton Collection was inspired by my oldest son and offers a fresh take on the classic jute rug. Each rug in the collection offers a variety of neutral, linear patterns while making a subtle, yet striking statement. All of the rugs are hand-woven and durable so you know they are good!

Colton rug collection

When designing these rugs I wanted to make something that was designed for real life. You know…something that is easy to clean when cereal spills or juice is knocked over. Durability was key, but I wanted the Colton Collection to also be full of design and inspiration. 

reversible rugs

1. Natural Black

2. Ivory Black

3. Ivory Sage

4. Natural Ivory

5. Natural Clay

6. Natural Navy




Styling Your Rugs

All of the rugs in every collection come in a variety of sizes. So how do you know which size you need? When it comes to the size of the rug, just remember, the general rule of thumb is to buy the largest rug that will fit in your room while keeping about 18 inches around the edge of the rug free. This will help your space feel large, open, and inviting. I go into more detail about how to choose the right size rug for your space in this blog post.

The Pillow Collection

We’ve talked a lot about rugs so far, but I’ve also created a pillow collection with Loloi. I love Loloi pillows and have been so excited to tell you about this collaboration. I mean, who doesn’t love a good pillow to cuddle up with? 

Loloi collaboration pillow collection

Pillows bring a sense of coziness and comfort into any space. They can be added all throughout your home… your bedrooms…living rooms…sitting areas. For my collection, each pillow was created to be durable and beautiful at the same time. Plus, the color palettes complement the rug collections I created. That way you can tie your room together effortlessly. 

1. Midnight (Slate Sand)

2. Clay (Teal Terracotta)

3. Dawn (Charcoal Rust)

4. Cove (Navy Natural)

5. Henderson (Sand Ivory)

6. Gloaming (Charcoal Ivory)

7. Joshua (Ivory Grey)

8. Forrest (Ivory Sage)

9. Bella (Sand Natural)

10. Dusk (Charcoal Ivory)

My Rug and Pillow Collections with Loloi

I can’t wait to hear which rugs and pillows you are eyeing. Though it’s hard to pick favorites, I know. With all the love and attention I’ve put into this line with Loloi, these pieces all feel like they are part of the family. Creating each of these collections for you has been a dream come true. I’m dying to see which pieces you choose and how you style them in your home so tag me @angelarosehome in your reveal photos. Make sure you are following me on Instagram and TikTok so that you can see how I am using these products throughout my home.  Plus, I’m going to be sharing a ton of DIY projects in the latest Angela Rose Home!


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