DIY Large Scale Art Ideas That Are Affordable

diy large scale art

5 DIY Large Scale Art Ideas

There is just something about a big piece of art on the wall that makes a statement. Right? The only problem is, art that size can get pricey pretty quick. Especially if you have to frame it. Over the years I’ve experimented with a few DIY large scale art ideas to get a similar look, but at a much better price. Now I get to share them with you! Use one or all five of these art ideas to add a little magic to your space (number five might be my favorite).

Affordable large scale art

Art Idea #1 Picture Ledge

Sometimes you want one giant piece of art, and other times you want to show off a few of your favorites in a collage. If you’re going for the collage look but want to avoid the hassle of making sure all the frames are level, this idea is for you. It’s super easy! You just need three pieces of wood, a few tools you probably already have, and some stain. Oh, and the art of course. When I made my art ledge, I used stain in both Early American and Weathered Oak. To get all the details on this project, check out this blog post!

DIY large scale art

Art Idea #2 Shower Curtain

I know what you’re thinking, a shower curtain? But trust me, it works! I’ve done this project a few times and always love how it looks AND how much it costs. For this project, you’ll need a shower curtain of your choice, an old sheet, and 1×2“ boards. Here is the shower curtain shown in the picture below. To make shower curtain art, all you need to do is build a frame, attach the shower curtain, and add a thin border. If the fabric allows, I’d recommend steaming or ironing out any wrinkles in the shower curtain before you start stretching it around your frame. For more detailed instructions, head to this blog post!

diy large scale art

Art Idea #3 Floating Frame

To get the art for a floating frame, I used the same process as I did the shower curtain art. Only this time, I used a tapestry. This is the tapestry I found from Society 6, but they have a lot of other fun options you can scroll through as well. Once the tapestry is attached to the frame you made, you can build the floating frame. I have a step-by-step tutorial on how to do that here!

diy large scale art ideas



Art Idea #4 Portraits

As fun as other art is around the house, it’s still nice to have some family pictures up. Right? To get more aesthetic-looking family pictures like these, simply take a few pictures of your kids on your phone, edit the pictures and have them printed, then mount them in these Ikea frames. For my space, I liked the look of black and white photos best. I also wanted my kids to look natural so I snapped a couple of pictures without them really even posing. To get more details on how I edited the images, head to this blog post!

Art Idea #5 Plexiglass Mount

Now for my favorite affordable art idea, the plexiglass mount! I love this one so much because of how sophisticated it looks. When I was envisioning this project I really wanted the art to look like it was hanging by a string. I was super happy with how this piece turned out. It really added some life to a part of my house I didn’t even realize was making me sad. To repeat this project in your space you’ll need a large print (like extra-large), clear plexiglass, trim pine board, and leather string. The print I used was from Juniper Print Shop. For more details on how I made this, check out the blog post here!

diy large scale art

5 DIY Large Scale Art Ideas 

There you go! You’re set on affordable large scale art ideas. Now all you need to do is grab the supplies and get to work. You’ve got this! If any of these ideas inspire your next project, will you let me know over on Instagram? I love to see the magical things you’re creating. And while you’re at it, make sure to follow me on Instagram and TikTok to see what project I’m working on next.

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