Best Bedroom Paint Colors for 2023

bedroom paint colors

I post about a lot of big DIY projects. BUT, I absolutely love how simple it is to transform a space by only using paint. It is one of the best DIY projects for any bedroom, whether you are looking to update your primary bedroom or you want to change things up for your kids in their rooms, paint is a quick and easy way to make an impact. This year, refresh the rooms in your home with the best bedroom paint colors for 2023.

popular bedroom paint colors www.angelarosehome.comAlabaster by Sherwin Williams

alabaster by SW

White paint is just white paint, right? I hate to say it, but no. There are so many shades of white, but I am loving Alabaster by Sherwin Williams for any bedroom in 2023. Alabaster has the brightness of a traditional white without sacrificing a warm sense of coziness. It’s warm but balanced. Alabaster is one of the top trending colors this year, but some are arguing it could be the best warm whites of all time. 

Greek Villa by Sherwin Williams

Greek villa by SW

Using white paint in your home creates endless possibilities. Whether you are reinstating crisp clean walls or accenting natural wood, you need to find a white paint that you love. Greek Villa by Sherwin Williams is another great option for bedrooms in 2023. It is a sunny white that comes to life in natural light. Use it to brighten any bedroom space or try it on trim to make other colors pop.



Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams

iron ore by SW

If you are looking for a way to create a vibe in your bedroom, you have to try Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams. It is a cool, deep, and mysterious shade of charcoal that is a vibe all itself. It isn’t dark enough to be considered black, but the dark gray really comes to life in well-lit places. I could totally see an Iron Ore accenting a unique feature wall in a bedroom where you want to add a little something extra. 

Rock Bottom by Sherwin Williams

rock bottom by SW

If you’ve been here a while, you know I’ve got a thing about the color green. I am always looking for new ways to add a bit of modern and natural flair to my home which is why I love Rock Bottom by Sherwin Williams. I’ve used Rock Bottom all over my old house…the kitchen, upstairs storage, etc. And this year it is a trending bedroom paint color. Rock Bottom has a dark green-gray hue that is moody and so cool. It has mossy undertones that are really going to pop next to your faux plant bedroom accents. 

Black Magic by Sherwin Williams

black magic by SW

One of my first projects for 2023 was creating a DIY built-in bench for my bedroom. For this project, I use Black Magic by Sherwin Williams. This color is for those who don’t shy away from bold palettes. I’ve been using Black Magic for the past three years because it is the perfect soft black. And trust me, it isn’t going anywhere! It makes a statement without feeling overwhelming for your entire bedroom. 

Here is What Black Magic Looks Like in My Bedroom



Before Picking Paint

Before you pick your paint color, there are a few things you want to keep in mind. What vibe do you want the bedroom to have? Are you going for something a bit more moody? Do you want a neutral canvas so that your rugs and home decor will pop? You also want to consider the lighting (natural lighting and light fixtures). Colors show up differently depending on the light. 

If you are anything like me, I like to visualize what a space is going to look like before actually committing to the project. There are some really cool apps out there that will help you pick the best paint color for your bedroom. First is the Morpholio app. I like to use @morpholio to visualize my entire space as a whole. You can visualize your space by adding furniture, wall features, and of course paint colors! I also love using Sherwin Williams’ peel-and-stick paint samples. You can move the samples around your room to see how the color shows without committing to actually putting paint on the walls. 

Best Bedroom Paint Colors for 2023

I can’t wait to see how your room transforms with the best paint colors for 2023. If you need any painting tips before you get started, check out this post about interior painting. Make sure we are hanging out on Instagram and TikTok so we can cheer each other on one paint color at a time. If you’ve been wanting to swap out colors in your bedroom…Stop pinning. Start doing. You’ve got this!


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