Solo Trip Tips For A Much Needed Reset

Solo trip tips for a much needed reset in joshua tree

Solo Trip Tips For A Much Needed Reset

Have you ever dreamed of taking a solo trip? If you’re feeling overworked, disconnected, or just in need of a break, a solo trip could be perfect for you. My solo trip to Joshua Tree, California, was just what I needed to reconnect with myself. Joshua Tree is a great location for a solo trip where you’re looking to recharge. It’s easy to drive to from several major cities and still quiet and secluded. Being in a beautiful setting helped me feel so present, calm, peaceful, and full of love. I had people ask me before I left “Why are you running away?” And my answer to them was “I’m not running away, it feels like I am returning HOME. To ME.” We all need to take a break sometimes to focus on feeling like ourselves again. In this blog, I’m going to share with you a couple of my best solo trip tips for a much needed reset.

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Tips for Picking an Airbnb in Joshua Tree

In Joshua Tree, I stayed at the @the_shack_attack and it was heavenly. I cannot recommend it enough! They also have two other rentals in Joshua Tree that look amazing: @domeinthedesert and @cabincabincabin. But picking the perfect place to stay on a solo trip isn’t always easy. A few things that you will want to consider are the:

  • Size
  • Location
  • Amenities 

When You Solo Trip the Airbnb Size Matters

You’ll want to find a place that is small. You might be prone to think, the bigger the better, but not in this case. Staying at a small place meant for one or two people is more cozy and comforting. Renting a house with 5 bedrooms and no one to fill them can leave you feeling lonely and that is not what you want on a solo trip! 

My solo trip in joshua tree tips

Solo Trip Reset Locations

The location of your Airbnb or hotel is also super important. As a woman, I, unfortunately, have to take more safety precautions when I travel alone. I don’t ever want to feel scared or put myself in a dangerous situation. Finding a location in an area with low crime rates, nice neighbors, and great reviews helps me protect myself against a potential break-in or robbery. 

But, there are other reasons besides just safety that make the location important. If I’m sightseeing I want to stay close to the sight location so I don’t spend all day in the car. And if I’m planning on staying in a lot I probably want a place with a beautiful view. These are all things to consider when you’re tracking down the perfect place to stay.

Much Needed Airbnb Amenities

And lastly, my favorite thing about picking an Airbnb is finding one with great amenities! This might mean it has a cozy fireplace to read a book by or a bike to ride to local shops on. But for me, I wanted an outdoor bathtub! I spent hours in the tub on this trip reading and enjoying my surroundings. It was amazing!

You’ll also want to be sure that your vacation rental has all of the basic amenities you’ll need. Unlimited Wifi, a parking spot, cooking supplies, heating/cooling, and a washer and dryer are a couple of other things I look out for. 

A beautiful interior is also something I love to look for when I’m picking an Airbnb. Staying in a beautiful and/or unique place is a great way to spark my creativity. I was getting all kinds of inspiration for my next DIY project during my solo trip to Joshua Tree. You can see the slat wall I was inspired to make in my blog post here.

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Make Time to Reset With Self Care

Now, I know that self-care is more complex than just taking a bubble bath under the stars, but for me, it was a pretty good start! I already knew I loved taking baths but let me tell you, outdoor baths, are next level! I took a bath to start my morning and then another at sunset and I stayed long enough to catch the stars. For me, this was the perfect time to clear my head and enjoy being with myself while being surrounded by the beauty of Joshua Tree. It was just what I needed!

Why You Should Romance Yourself

My last solo trip tip for a much needed reset is to romance yourself. Buy your favorite flowers and chocolates! Was I all alone and dancing around to love songs in a beautiful dress? Yes! And was it amazing? Double yes! I also brought the cutest waterproof tea-lights to float in my bubble bath. Because I wanted to show myself that I love myself enough to take care of me. I spend a lot of time building DIY projects for my home and family and it was important that I spent this solo trip building me.

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Solo Trip Tips For A Much Needed Reset

This was my first solo trip to Joshua Tree and I’m hooked! I’m already thinking about another one. Where should I go this time? Leave a comment on my Instagram @angelaroshome and let me know your favorite spots! And if you are considering taking a solo trip of your own, consider this your sign. You deserve it, make it happen! Thank you Joshua Tree and this little slice of heaven @the_shack_attack. And to the rest of you, I’m sending all of my love and encouraging you to go take that solo trip!

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