3 Ways to Hide Your Kitchen Appliances

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3 Ways to Hide Your Kitchen Appliances

When I recently re-did my kitchen it was so important to me that everything had a place and fit in beautifully. This included my fridge, dishwasher, blender, toaster, and all of the appliances that usually stick out in a kitchen. But, not in mine! I designed my kitchen with all of the awkward and not-so-beautiful appliances in mind and I was able to seamlessly integrate them into my cabinetry. Hiding appliances is a great way to get that designer kitchen look without spending a ton of money. Yes, please! I’m going to show you how to get the kitchen of your dreams with these 3 ways to hide your kitchen appliances. Let’s do it!

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Hidden Kitchen Appliances Are For Everyone

First, I wanted to mention that you don’t have to be building a brand new home to hide your appliances. I renovated my kitchen and planned my updated cabinetry to disguise my appliances. If you want to see how I DIYed my dream kitchen you can read all about it in my blog post here. Building an intuitive kitchen with built-in appliances does take planning. Make time in the designing phase to decide where each appliance makes the most sense. I knew I wanted my dishwasher on the right side of my sink to make it easy to load and my garbage bins on the left side of the sink to make meal clean-ups easy. I planned a place for each of my appliances based on what made sense for my family in our kitchen.



Cabinets to Hide Your Small Kitchen Appliances: Blender & Toaster

The simplest way to hide small kitchen appliances is by building designated cabinets big enough to house them. In my kitchen, I built a countertop kitchen hutch where the bottom cabinet slides out so I can easily access my toaster and blender. Having these small appliances off of my countertop space makes my whole kitchen look cleaner. And it makes it so much easier to quickly wipe crumbs and spills off of my counters. I also decided to house my microwave in a hidden cabinet. When designing my cabinets I made sure to leave a really wide shelf tall enough to fit any microwave. This was easier than doing a custom built-in because microwaves have a shorter lifespan than appliances like fridges and we may need to replace ours soon. Microwaves also need more space for ventilation and the cabinets need to be left open when it’s being used. Also, don’t forget to include places for your appliances to easily be plugged in when you’re planning appliance-friendly cabinetry.

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Drawers to Hide Your Kitchen Garbage & Recycling Bins

I love my hidden garbage cans! Before I re-did my kitchen, I was always wiping down the sides of my kitchen garbage and worrying about it stinking up my house. But, not anymore! I built in a large sliding drawer to fit a trash can and a recycling bin in the lower cabinets next to our kitchen sink. Having the trash this close to the sink and dishwasher is so helpful when cleaning up after meals. And I love that I no longer have to worry about the look or smell of my garbage cans. Instant mom hack!

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Built-Ins to Hide Your Large Kitchen Appliances: Fridge & Dishwasher

If you’re looking for a way to elevate the look of your kitchen and hide your fridge or dishwasher, built-ins are the answer! In my kitchen, I built custom DIY cabinets boxes and faced all of them with my line of Nieu cabinet doors. You can check out my collection here. Nieu is amazing to work with! You can customize the size of your cabinet faces making it so easy to get the perfect panels to fit your fridge or dishwasher. Use code ANGELAROSEHOME5 for 5% off your order with Nieu

DIYing my built-in fridge was the most difficult part of building my kitchen, but it was so worth it! Hidden appliances are so fun and look beautiful. If you decide to build in your large kitchen appliances you need to buy appliances that are panel ready. People often think you can add cabinet faces to any appliance, but I don’t recommend it. It’s much harder to put panels on a curved surface and to seamlessly attach your cabinets. Whereas panel-ready appliances are flat and have pre-made holes for you to safely drill your cabinet faces into.

I picked my dishwasher and fridge before I began building my cabinet boxes so I could measure their exact dimensions and customize my cabinets around them. My fridge is a panel-ready Dacor 42-inch that I bought from Ferguson and my dishwasher is a panel-ready Smeg. Panel-ready fridges also come with special sliding hardware attachments and instructions to secure them to your cabinets. Then all you need is to buy cabinet faces and handles to match your kitchen.

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3 Ways to Hide Your Kitchen Appliances

There is something so magical about opening a door that looks like a cabinet and finding a fridge. I love it! My kitchen feels so clutter-free and clean. Which of these 3 ways to hide your kitchen appliances are you wanting to try out? Be sure to tag me on Instagram @angelarosehome with the before and after photos of your kitchen. I can’t wait to see all of the transformations. It’s amazing what we can do when we stop pinning and start doing!

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