4 BIG Ways to Save on a Room Makeover

4 Tips to for saving money on a room makeover www.angelarosehome.com

Are you looking to make a big change in your home without a big budget? Not all DIY projects have to cost a lot of money in order to make a difference. In fact, some of my favorite DIY makeovers have been when I have not spent much at all. You just have to know what elements to focus on. That is why I am sharing 4 BIG ways to save on a room makeover.  

how to save on a room makeover www.angelarosehome.com
You Don’t Need a Bunch of Tools, Just Stick With the Basics

When it comes to DIY projects, you really don’t need a ton of tools. Sticking to the basics helps make projects easier and it helps when it comes to saving money, too. Do I love all the tools? Yes of course! But, if you are looking for ways to save while completing a room makeover there are only 5 essential tools you really need. 

  1. Miter Saw: The miter saw can handle any cut you need to make whether you are building a feature wall, cabinets, frames, etc. 
  2. Nail Gun: I use a nail gun on almost every project! It will help you save so much time, and time is money, right?
  3. Drill/Driver: A drill is a must-have for every home. It will be used with big and little projects alike. No matter what projects you are tackling in your room makeover, a drill will help you get everything done.
  4. Sander: There is no way you could sand everything by hand. Or at least I can’t!
  5. Kreg Jig: If you are looking to build your own furniture with hidden pocket holes, you will need a Kreg jig. But, if you aren’t building furniture in your room makeover, you could get away without having this tool. 

I know tools can be expensive, but you don’t need all of them. Having these 5 essential tools will help you spend money wisely and give you more money for different parts of your room makeover. And if you have them already, even better! I’m also not against asking for tools for gifts or shopping for available sales. Having the essential tools are are a great way to save big.

DIY a room makeover on a budget www.angelarosehome.com

Pick Projects for the Room That Will Have a Big Impact  

A big way to save money on a room makeover is picking projects that have a big impact on the space. There are a variety of ways to pack a punch without spending a lot of money. Here are a few of my favorites.

Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Using peel and stick wallpaper is so fun! There are so many patterns and looks to choose from. And what is great is that you can try something without having to fully commit to it because it can be removed easily. This also makes peel and stick wallpaper perfect for anyone who is renting.

I loved using peel and stick wallpaper in my dining room to create a temporary Great Hall for the Harry Potter fans in my house. It was seriously the coolest! You can check out the full room reveal here

Large Images

When I re-did my kids’ loft playroom I knew I wanted to put up images of the kids on one of the walls and I love the impact that having a few, large images can have on a room’s aesthetic. The problem is that large prints and images can be expensive. So to save money, I decided to frame engineer prints. I love how they turned out. Check out more details on how I did them here

Light Fixtures 

One area that may not even come to mind when doing a room makeover is your light fixtures. It’s just one easy thing you can do that will really add to the look of a space while staying on budget. You can keep it classy with something simple, or you can have some fun with a statement light fixture like the one I used in the loft playroom I created for my kids. I also installed an amazing light fixture I used for the 48-hour nursery makeover.


Create Your Own Version of Something You Have Seen

My whole DIY journey started because I knew I couldn’t afford the furniture I really wanted. I never would have guessed creating my own version of the lavish pieces I dreamed of having would lead me on a journey where I get to be here making so many fun projects with you. 

Those experiences helped me learn very early on that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get what you want. I say if you have the money and you want to spend it, do it!!  But, if you are looking to save money on a room makeover, try building the desk you saw on Pinterest, Or make your own frame to fit a beautiful large print. Remember, Stop pinning. Start doing.

Repurpose Things You Already Have

Another big way to save on a room makeover is to find a new purpose for things you already have. Look around the room you are redoing. Do you have anything that works well for you, but could benefit from a change? 

4 Tips to for saving money on a room makeover www.angelarosehome.com

I did this in my kitchen recently by using my existing cabinet bases and refacing them with new doors and drawer fronts. Have you heard of refacing before? It is when you take off the existing door fronts on cabinets, storage units, etc., and replace them with newer more elevated ones like the ones from Nieu cabinet doors. Refacing saved me so much money when I completed my kitchen renovation. And I love the way they look. (P.S. You can get 5% off your own cabinet and drawer fronts with code: ANGELAROSEHOME.)

4 BIG Ways to Save on a Room Makeover

What was your favorite way to save from this list of 4 BIG ways to save on a room makeover? If you think of any other ideas I would love to hear them! I know your room makeover is going to be incredible, but if you are looking for other ideas follow me on Instagram and TikTok. I am always up to something. And, don’t forget to tag me in your room makeover reveal posts! I want to see how you decided to refresh your space. 


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