Refresh the Cabinets in Your Home Without Starting From Scratch

New color options with my Nieu cabinet collection

Who doesn’t love a good comeback story…Am I right? Especially when you get to enjoy it every day. You know me, I’m talking about DIY here. There is just something special about breathing new life into something you already have to give it a new sense of purpose. And that is why I love Nieu products so much. Nieu cabinet fronts allow you to refresh the cabinets in your home without having to start from scratch.  

refresh cabinets without starting from scratch
Refresh the Cabinets in Your Home Without Starting From Scratch

It happens. Styles change, our likes become dislikes, and it is totally ok. It is normal to want to refresh spaces in your home to match the new styles we love. That’s why we all love DIY. It allows us to bring our personalities into the spaces we live in. Some projects are fun to start from scratch, but when it comes to cabinetry I love that we can refresh what we already have without having to start at the very beginning every time. 

Have you heard of refacing? Refacing is when you replace all of your cabinet doors and drawer faces with new ones in a fresh style and color. Think custom order doors and trim pieces that fit your old cabinetry perfectly. All you have to do is remove the existing doors. Then attach new cabinet door fronts and hardware. It is really easy to do! And, Nieu has matching Sherwin Williams colors for all of their products so you can easily match and paint the cabinet boxes. 

My first experience with refacing cabinets was when I DIY-ed my kitchen renovation. I knew I didn’t want to rip apart my entire kitchen during the renovation, but I wanted to change the vibe of the space to match the rest of my home. That is when I came across Nieu cabinets. They worked with me to make the vision of my dream kitchen come to life. 

Refresh any type of cabinets with Nieu door fronts

I was able to use the cabinet boxes that were already installed in my home, build a few more (are you surprised?!?), and then finish off the project with Nieu’s BEAUTIFUL cabinet door fronts and some antiqued hardware. People are always asking about the cabinets in my kitchen and I love telling them about Nieu. 

Affordable Way to Refresh

Replacing a full kitchen with shaker cabinets would have cost me a fortune. Brand new cabinets can get very expensive very quickly. But, refacing (replacing only your door and drawer fronts) with new shaker cabinet fronts allowed me to get the designer look I was aiming for at a fraction of the cost of a demo and remodel! 

Refacing saves you time, money, and headaches. Plus, you don’t have to eat takeout every day for months without a working kitchen! Most people can spend a weekend switching out cabinet doors and drawer faces. Refacing cabinets is DIY-friendly and typically costs 50-60% less than ripping out your old cabinetry and starting over.



My Angela Rose Collection with Nieu Cabinets 

I loved working with Nieu in my kitchen so much that I partnered with them to create my own line of cabinet fronts: The Angela Rose Home Collection. Now you can have them too! My signature collection of cabinet doors provides a luxury look without the price tag.

My line features the Angela Rose Slim Shaker Door and the Angela Rose Slim Shaker Detail cabinet doors. For the design, I slimmed the width of the outer rail and slimmed the depth to give a fresh and custom designer look to the timeless shaker door. It’s your favorite shaker, but elevated and AWESOME! You can use code ANGELAROSEHOME5 to get 5% off your order. 

New color options with my Nieu cabinet collection

I am so excited to announce that we have added new wood-looking options to our cabinet door lineup. You all know I love, and I mean LOVE bold moody colors (especially shades of green). But, wood tones and colors also speak to my soul. Who says you have to choose? You could reface cabinets in your kitchen with a bold color and change up your hallway storage with our new wood tones. The sky is the limit because Nieu has made sure that you can have great style that is also affordable. 

Refresh the Cabinets in Your Home Without Starting From Scratch

Now, who is ready to stop pinning and start doing? It is time to start making your DIY dreams come true! Remember, you can refresh the cabinets in your home without starting from scratch and we can do it together with Nieu’s amazing cabinet fronts! Don’t forget to use the code ANGELAROSEHOME5 for 5% off your purchase. If you are looking for other DIY inspiration, follow me on Instagram and TikTok. I am always sharing what I am up to. 


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