DIY Quote Wall Reveal

The garage needed an upgrade, so I decided to epoxy the floors and paint a GIANT quote on one of the walls. Spontaneous, right? I spend so much time in my garage and it’s been an eyesore ever since we moved in, so painting this wall and redoing the floors was just the refresh this space needed, and I’m so happy with how both projects turned out.

I finished the DIY quote wall just before my kiddos went back to in-person school after a whole year of virtual school at home. We battle a lot of anxiety in this house, me included…and this quote really spoke to me for how I want to set the tone for them for this year. It’s not until we actually take that leap (and potentially fall) that we realize we can fly.

To watch the entire step-by-step, click HERE for the highlight.

Here is our garage before the makeover:

Before starting the wall, I found a color scheme I loved and wanted to use (by Lindsay Vaugn Designs).

I taped off the wall to prep for painting. STRAIGHT LINE PAINTING HACK: if you have textured walls, paint bleeds under the tape, so take caulk (or existing wall paint color), and smear it on the tape edge to fill in those gaps. When the caulk (or existing paint color) is on the edge, you will automatically get a straight line every time!

To transfer the quote from the paper (here is the digital file I used) onto the wall, I traced it lightly with an exacto knife so there was a faint outline on the wall. There are lots of ways to do this like transfer paper! To fill in the letters, I used a sharpie white paint pen.


To my kids: I know you are scared. You haven’t been in a normal class for a year and a half. I know how hard you work to battle and manage your anxiety, and I’m so proud of how brave you are. You’ve dealt with a LOT of changes this past year. Remember, the bravest people are those who are scared and STILL try. Reach out to the kid by themselves on the playground and be a friend. I know YOU feel like it’s hard to make friends, but chances are others are nervous too and you can be THAT friend to others. Be kind and find things in common. You got this!

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