How To Paint A Scalloped Wall Design Yourself

How To Paint A Scalloped Wall 

Have you seen scalloped wall designs floating around Pinterest? I sure have, and I think they’re so fun. I’ve seen them done in bedrooms and nurseries and thought the design would be perfect for an under the stairs playroom makeover I did for my kids. When I surprised my kids with the playroom makeover last year, I took my Instagram followers along to show them how I did everything. So it’s about time I share my process with you here so you can recreate it easier. You ready? Let’s do this! Here’s how to paint a scalloped wall.

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5 Easy Home Project Ideas With Big Impact

5 Easy Home Project Ideas

With the new year fast approaching, I’ve been thinking about the things I want to create in 2022. This last year was full of big, challenging, and fun projects. So I can’t wait to see what the coming year brings. Do you have any big projects planned? Or maybe you’re just hoping to make some simple updates? Either way, I’m here to help. Let me start by sharing 5 easy home project ideas that make a big difference.

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Cozy Modern Living Room You Can DIY

Cozy Modern Living Room 

Wow, I finally finished all the projects on my list to create this cozy modern living room! It was two years in the making but it was definitely worth it. Do you love how it turned out? I’m sure loving the time spent with my family in this room. It’s just the best to create a space your whole family can enjoy. Now it’s time to share all the details on how I DIYed this dreamy living room so you can pull your favorite elements and recreate them in your own home. But first, let me help you really appreciate this transformation with a before and after picture.

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3 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas With Tutorials

Candlestick houses

3 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

Isn’t Christmastime the best? I love all the holiday spirit, family time, yummy treats, and of course the decorating. It’s especially fun when I can look at everything I put up and think, “I made this!” If you’re looking to DIY your Christmas decorations this year or looking for a fun family project for the holidays, I’ve got 3 DIY Christmas decoration ideas with tutorials to share with you. You’ll have to let me know which one you like most.

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Giant DIY Lite Brite That Anyone Can Make

Angela by her giant DIY lite brite

Giant DIY Lite Brite That Anyone Can Make

Okay, getting this project on the blog has been a long time coming.  I just had to share the details of this super fun giant DIY lite brite I surprised my kids with last Christmas. When you were younger, do you remember playing with lite brites? You know, the toy where you got to make fun pictures that lit up and looked magical? I loved playing with those as a kid. So I thought, why not try making one? But I wasn’t going to make just any old lite brite. I was going to make a giant DIY lite brite. Like all DIY projects, this one took some problem-solving, but it turned out amazing in the end. Let me break this project down so you can recreate it.

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DIY Hogwarts Great Hall Thanksgiving

Who wouldn't want to eat Thanksgiving in Hogwarts' Great Hall?

Operation DIY Hogwarts Great Hall Thanksgiving is complete and I am here for it! I haven’t been this excited about a project in a while and I love how it turned out. Are you as excited to see these pictures as I am to share them? I’ve been asked, why create a Hogwarts-inspired Thanksgiving? Well, a big reason for this project was my kids. They are obsessed with Harry Potter, especially my kid Blake (watch this video to see his reaction). So why not turn this space into the Hogwarts Great Hall? I had to bust it in real-time to finish this room in time for Thanksgiving this year. Now that the holiday has passed, I can share all of the details with you.

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Loft Playroom DIY Reveal

I love how this loft playroom turned out

Wow, it’s finally done!! Last year I decided to transform this space into the perfect playroom for my kids. I thought the space was really cool already (I mean look at those before and after pictures below). But I still felt like there were some details missing to give it that magic. So I picked up my tools and got back to work. Before sharing the full loft playroom DIY reveal, let me take you through the process.

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