Under The Stairs Playroom To Make For Your Kids

under the stairs playroom

Under The Stairs Playroom How-To

Not sure what to do with that closet under the stairs? Maybe it’s collecting random boxes and you’d like to turn it into something more magical? I have a few ideas for you. Recently, I transformed the closet in my home into an under the stairs playroom for my kids! Complete with a play kitchen, cute decor, and a giant lite brite. Honestly, I might love this little space even more than my kids do. So if you’re looking for ideas, here’s a breakdown of everything I did and used to remodel this space. 

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Playroom Project #1 Painting The Walls

First I should mention, before starting any of these projects we knocked out the back wall of the closet to add more space for a playroom. You definitely don’t have to do that. Though if you’d like more space, it’s an option. Now back to the fun stuff, adding some color to the room. I’ve always loved the look of a cute scalloped wall. It really adds some character to a space. So, I decided to paint some scallops in this under the stairs playroom. Since I have textured walls (so fun), I couldn’t use a stencil to get the scallops. So instead, I used a cup to patiently trace my own design. If you’ve been following me for a while, you won’t be surprised that I chose a green color for the paint. 

But wow! Don’t you love it? I’m so happy with how it turned out. To get a more detailed how-to on this project, check out this blog post!

under the stairs playroom

Playroom Project #2 Building A Giant Lite Brite

Growing up, did you play with lite brites? They were so fun, right? Now imagine what it would be like to have a giant lite brite in your own home! Total kid heaven, or maybe just Angela heaven. Either way, I decided to build one to go in the little nook in our playroom. I’m not going to lie, drilling 400 holes for this had me wondering what I had gotten myself into…but it was definitely worth it in the end! If you make your own lite brite (you should), here’s a tip: use a ¾” drill bit but wiggle it slightly as you drill. This will give you the perfect-sized holes for these colorful acrylic rods from Etsy. To see the full process for this giant lite brite, check out this tutorial!

Playroom Project #3 Adding The Final Touches

After building the lite brite and painting the walls, I added a few fun finishing touches to the room. Starting with some giant art. You’ll never guess what this is actually made from…(drumroll please)…a shower curtain I framed! Talk about a DIY hack. Need some inexpensive art? Just buy a fun shower curtain. I did also add some real prints to the wall that I got from Juniper Print Shop. I hung the prints in these magnetic frames from Amazon. My kids love the cute play kitchen in the back but it’s out of stock right now. So here is one from Amazon that’s similar. The last and final thing this room needed was some twinkly lights. I liked the look of these globe lights from Amazon. They’re battery-powered so you don’t need to worry about finding an outlet.

under the stairs playroom

Under The Stairs Playroom Reveal

Well, what do you think? Is an under the stairs playroom in your future? I hope so. Creativity is so important to me. So I love having a place my kids can go to create, imagine, and just be kids. Honestly, I want a place I can go be a kid for a while. Wouldn’t that be nice? I guess that place is my garage for me, where I work on most of my DIY projects. Speaking of my garage, did you see how I turned it into a much happier workspace? Get the details on how I did the epoxy floors and the giant quote wall here and here.

If you don’t already, make sure to follow along on Instagram and TikTok for some more fun. I’ve got good things coming this year that you won’t want to miss!

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