Looks I’m Loving for 2023

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I can’t believe 2023 is almost here! Do you feel ready for a new year? This year has been full of change and new exciting adventures, but I am super pumped for a fresh start. It’s like my new quote wall, “Trust the magic of new beginnings.” Don’t worry, I’m still planning on having all sorts of holiday fun and sharing ways to DIY the holidays! I’ve just been feeling so inspired by the vibes coming that I am getting excited. There are definitely some standout looks I’m loving for 2023.

2023 trends www.angelarosehome.comLooks I’m Loving for 2023

There are so many fun trends that are coming in 2023, but let me say this first…you don’t have to change up your entire house January 1st to feel like you are on point! Projects take time. The beauty happens when you stop pinning and start doing. I’ve found looks that I love that are inspiring some amazing projects, and you will too.

Earthy Vibes

This year I am focusing on creating spaces that can be sanctuaries for me and my family. SPOILER ALERT: I’m kicking this off by completely transforming my master bedroom to be a restful retreat inspired by earthy vibes that are going to be popping up everywhere in 2023.

We are going to be seeing earthy designs in all of our favorite spaces in the upcoming year because they are a great way to add a warm and calming feeling into your home. I am talking natural/nuetral color palettes, wood designs, rattan and wicker furniture, faux plants, etc. These design elements are giving us a chance to slow down, take a deep breath, and enjoy what is going on around us. 



You don’t need to wait for 2023 to start adding in earthy feelings into your home. A great way that you can start adding in neutrals into your home is to start switching out your rugs and pillows. One of my favorite rugs is the Beige Denim area rug. This rug is the ultimate neutral of all neutrals but still has so much visual interest! It works in EVERY space imaginable. It would be the perfect addition to any bedroom, living room, or even a nursery where you are looking to bring in some warm earthy vibes. 

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Limewashed Walls

We are going to start seeing limewashed walls everywhere and I am here for it! In fact, that is another element I’ve been thinking about bringing into my master bedroom design too. 

Limewashed walls have been around for a long time, but 2023 is going to bring this treatment to the modern day. There are so amazing products availiable, like Romabio limewash, that make it easy to limewash practically any surface from brick to drywall. I love the texture of limewash walls! It’s organic and warm which plays to all of the earthy vibes of 2023!

Wood Tones

If you have been DIYing with me for awhile, you know I LOVE incorporating wood tones and elements into every space. I always stick to what is true to me, but I am so excited that wood tones are going to step to the forefront in 2023. Usually when we think of wood tones we think of flooring and cabinetry, but wood tones can be used anywhere in your home. I love wood trimmed walls, beautiful wood beams, and wood wall art. This year is going to be full of new projects and reimagining how to highlight the rich and soothing tones that wood has to offer.

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Furniture with Rounded Corners

Curves are going to be everywhere, but I think my favorite curvy look for 2023 has got to be furniture with rounded corners. Rounded corners bring a softer edge that contrasts well with modern design. 

One of my all-time favorite chairs with rounded corners is the Summer Dining Chair by Lulu and Georgia. These chairs have very traditional elements, while also retaining a modern look with a caned back and clean, sloping lines. They give a relaxed, but sophisticated modern feel which is exactly what 2023 is calling for. 

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Looks I’m Loving for 2023

I have shared the looks I’m loving for 2023, but I am dying to know what looks are speaking to you! Are there any of these looks you are hoping to see turned into a DIY project? Let me know @angelarosehome. Make sure you are following along on Instagram and TikTok to see how I am incorporating all of these looks into my new DIY projects. 


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