DIY Limewash Brick Wall

There’s nothing that I love more than a wall treatment! These bricks added so much character and totally transformed the space. Below are some details on my brick wall along with a video of the overall process (follow along on @angelarosehome for more projects

Look at this wall! All the heart eyes right?

I used Old Mill Brick web for my wall in Rushmore.

Here is why I used these. I love that they are thin, and that they come on a big sheet for easier install. They are also available in single and corners as well.

I installed these using the videos Old Mill Brick has on their site.

I used sanded grout and piped it in. To get the all over smooth bricks, I did a German Schmear techique by taking a wet sponge and wiping the grout around the brick. This gave an overall softer appearance.

I could have stopped there, but I wanted a slightly different look and so I limewashed my bricks using Romabio limewash. I did a limewash slurry technique where I watered it down to waffle consistency and did 1 cup Bianco White to 1 teaspon of Avorio White. This gave a nice white look that wasn’t too stark.

And here are some more AFTER images with a video below!

Links to everything in this room can be found here.

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