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build your own dollhouse

Looking for a fun DIY gift idea? I’ve got you covered! The holiday season is here, but there is still time to whip out an amazing DIY project that you can gift your loved ones. I love giving DIY gifts because it feels like you are giving a piece of yourself. One of my favorite DIY gifts is what inspired me to create printable DIY dollhouse plans so that you can give a piece of yourself to your loved ones too. 

DIY printable plans www.angelarosehome.comWhy Gift a DIY Project

DIY projects are fun to gift during the holidays (or honestly any time of the year). Sure, it may seem easier to go to the store and grab a gift, but giving someone a gift that you made yourself makes everything even more special. Over the years, I’ve gifted a lot of fun projects that I made myself. I’ve done wood art pieces, giant lite brites, and even a dollhouse that inspired these printable plans. There is something about making a personalized gift specifically designed for a loved one in mind. So if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, let’s stop pinning and start doing!

The Beginnings of My Printable DIY Dollhouse Plans

Originally, I made a dollhouse for my daughter who is a lover of all things tiny. Who can blame her though? I guess she got the love of tiny things from me! I mean, I’m obsessed with my mini lite brite and tiny dragon. There’s just something about tiny things. I don’t know what it is, but tiny things make me cry. 

When Aubrey said she wanted a dollhouse for her tiny things, I was on board! I went to the drawing board and created my own version of a traditional dollhouse with a midcentury modern twist that you can find here.


DIY dollhouse

Once I worked out the details to make the dollhouse just right, I knew I had to share the plans so that others could make it for their lovers of little things too. I created these super simple and easy to follow step-by-step pdf printable plans so you can build this DIY Modern Dollhouse all on your own!



My DIY Printable Dollhouse Plans

I put a lot of time and love into getting these printable dollhouse plans just for right for you! I wanted the process to be simple and straight forward so you can stop pinning and start doing. When you grab your printable dollhouse plans, they will include a list of everything you will need to complete the project. And, I’ve included all the links to tiny furniture too! That way you don’t have to waste any time at all! I totally meant what I said when I said these plans are straight forward. 

The printable plans also include simple pictures of each step that go with the descriptions of how each step goes. 

Printable Plans Include:

  • What you’ll need to complete the project (along with the links!)
  • Simple pictures of each step
  • Clear descriptions of each step

3 Things to Know When Building Your Dollhouse


The printable DIY dollhouse plans really do include everything you need, but I am going to let you in on a few insights from my own dollhouse build that will help make things even smoother.

#1- If you already have wood in your garage or shed, use that first. I was able to make Aubrey’s dollhouse from scrap pieces of wood I already had. It makes the project more affordable and will give you more room in your holiday gift budget. If you aren’t sure about what types of wood are the best for DIY projects like this, check out this post

#2- You can set your own pace for doing this project. For me, the dollhouse was a little nighttime project I did once the kids were asleep. It took me 5-7 days to get everything done. But, if you are determined, you could totally finish it 2 days! This project is easy to stop and start when you have time. Or when little eyes aren’t looking.  

#3- Be creative. The printable plans are your base and then customize it to make it your own! 

build your own dollhouse

Printable DIY Dollhouse Plans

I loved building this modern take on the traditional dollhouse and I know you will too! That’s the whole reason I created these printable DIY dollhouse plans. I love seeing your variations of my DIY designs so make sure you tag me @angelarosehome when you are showing off your work. I am your number one DIY cheerleader! Don’t forget to hang out with me on Instagram and TikTok while you are building your dollhouse. I am always working on a fun project! 


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