Why You Need Floating Shelves in Your Space

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There are two things I am always looking for when it comes to my house…1. Creative ways to decorate and 2. Ways to keep things organized. In all of my DIY adventures, floating shelves are a great way to accomplish both of those things (and more). I love being able to conquer that space of both function and beauty so I am sharing why you need floating shelves in your space.

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Floating Shelves are Customizable

Floating shelves are amazing because they fit into any space. Have a corner that needs a little extra something? Try floating corner shelves. Need more storage in your bathroom? Add in some DIY floating shelves to store your necessities. You can customize the style and size of floating shelves to fit into any nook and cranny. Or you can even buy premade floating shelves if you don’t have specific dimensions. 

Not only are floating shelves themselves customizable, but they are also a great way to customize and even update your home decor without feeling stuck. I love a good floating art ledge (aka floating shelf) to highlight different pieces of art or pictures of my kids. You can switch things out and add new things in for different seasons, holidays, or just because. I love avoiding the feeling of being locked in. 

organize with floating shelves www.angelarosehome.com

Floating Shelves are Easier to Organize

Since floating shelves are out in the open, it is a great motivation to keep things organized, plus it is easier. I’ve always had to create my own storage in all of my houses. Vegas homes are known for unique nooks and crannies, not storage. I’ve found it easy to keep things organized by giving everything a place with crates, baskets, and boxes. Plus, all of those organization tools look super cute on a floating shelf. Check out this post with some of my favorite products for home organization. 



Floating Shelves Take Up Less Space

I love great statement pieces of furniture, but I also love floating shelves because they take up less space in your home. Who doesn’t want more space, right? Floating shelves get things off the floor so your pathways stay clear and give your family more area to be in. You still have TONS of home decor styling options, but floating shelves create a nice open feel which leaves your space feeling even bigger than it already is. 

Floating Shelf Installation is Easy

Floating shelves are a great DIY project for anyone, even if you haven’t DIYed before! They are a perfect smaller project that is pretty on their own but also gives you spots throughout your house to purposefully add in additional decor. The installation will vary depending on where the floating shelves are going, but overall they are an easy project. If you have a corner area that could use floating shelves check out my tutorial for how to make your own DIY floating corner shelves. Otherwise, check out my step-by-step guide for easily building a floating shelf

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PRO-TIP: If you don’t have specific dimensions for a floating shelf, premade floating shelves are a great option as well. They even come with directions for how to install. 

Floating Shelves are Affordable

Did I mention that DIY shelves are super affordable? I made a floating art ledge, which I consider in the category of floating shelves, for only $10! It depends on how detailed you get, but I’ve even been known to make my own floating shelves out of leftover wood materials I have from other projects. I’ve mentioned above that floating shelves are easy to DIY, but even if you want to install a pre-made floating shelf from a home decor store they are really affordable as well.   

Why You Need Floating Shelves in Your Space

I LOVE the sleek modern look that floating shelves add to a space. They are just so good! Can you see why you need floating shelves in your space? I promise they are going to make the biggest difference for you! For more DIY fun, hang out with me on Instagram and TikTok. I am always working on something fun! Remember, when it comes to DIY, stop pinning and start doing!


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