The Most Comfortable Rugs to Use Throughout Your Home

Cozy up with my favorite rugs. They are the most comfortable rugs to use throughout your home

Is there anything better than a soft, comfortable rug? I love rugs that are comfy enough for little toes to play on, the perfect dance floor for barefoot dance parties, or even the perfect morning greeting for your feet when you start the day. We all need rugs that give us the comfort of home but are durable to handle our everyday life. That is why Loloi and I created the most comfortable rugs to use throughout your home. 

grab these comfy rugs

The Blake Collection

The Blake Collection, lovingly named after my middle child, draws inspiration from antique rug designs. To me, each rug feels like a deep breath. The mix of warm and cool tones create an almost neutral color palette which is so relaxing. Not to mention, these rugs are so soft! 

introducing the Blake Collection

All of the rugs in the Blake Collection offer up a mix of distressed and traditional motifs that feel like heirloom pieces while also being practical for your home. They all have muted color palettes, soft piles, and durability, making all the rugs super versatile to comfortably use throughout your home. They are a beautiful addition to any space!

Fringe for Days

comfy sky beige rugs www.angelarosehome.comThe Sky Beige area rug is my ULTIMATE FAVORITE RUG of all the rugs I designed in collaboration with Loloi. Not only is the Sky Beige area rug comfortable, but it’s also super stylish! The pattern design is on a small scale so that the rug comes across as highly textural. I’ve decided that I need to have it in every room of my house and you do too. And… I cannot forget to mention the fringe detail. Just so you know, the fringe only comes on the larger sizes of rugs. You guys, I really cannot get over how cute the fringe is. Well, how cute the rug is altogether. It’s just so good! I’m telling you, you need it all throughout your home.

Delicious as it Sounds

comfy ocean mocha rug

The Ocean Mocha area rug from the Blake Collection is as delicious as it sounds. Its tan and blue hues create the most comforting vibe anyone could dream of. It has me dreaming of staring at the crashing waves while warming up with a creamy mocha in hand. Not only are the colors beautiful, but the Ocean Mocha area rug is also super soft which means you will have to trust me and get one to have in your home.

Soft Moody Blues

comfy taupe blue rugs

I love moody walls, so why not add that same moody vibe to our floors? The reason the Taupe Blue area rug is one of the most comfortable rugs is that besides being moody, it still has that insanely soft texture. It is perfect to wiggle your toes right into. The soft moody blues and rich brown hues create a visual interest that is unlike any other.



Cool Blues

comfy denim taupe rug

The Denim Taupe area rug was designed to have a distressed antique style. The muted cool tones are almost icy which personally makes me want to get comfortable and cozy with blankets and pillows on the couch. Plus, it really makes trendy caramel leather furniture stand out. 

Neutral of ALL Neutrals

comfy beige denim rug

You just need to get the Beige Denim area rug! It works in EVERY space imaginable. It is the ultimate neutral of all neutrals but still has so much visual interest. It would be the perfect addition to any bedroom, living room, or even a nursery. I can just imagine a tired mama rocking their little babe at night with the comfort of the Beige Denim area rug under her feet. Oh man, I miss my kids being little!

Distressed Antique

comfy sand sky rug

The Sand Sky area rug is just what you are imagining. It’s got warm neutral tans with subtle whispy blues scattered throughout. The Sand Sky area rug is another great neutral option that can be used anywhere in your home. I can picture this rug adding interest underneath a bedroom under a king-sized bed. Or even as a runner to add comfort into your bathroom while you are getting ready in the morning. 

Let’s Get Spicy

comfy oatmeal spice rug

Spicy might not be the first word you think of when you are talking about comfortable rugs, but the Oatmeal Spice area rug has a little something extra. The color palette is very neutral but also reminds me of those rich fall spices that we dream about all year long. Not the bright reds and oranges of falling leaves. The colors are more rust than red. 

The Oatmeal Spice area rug would be awesome anywhere in your home, especially in the living room. I can picture a room styled with the rusty Oatmeal Spice rug, cozy pillows, and throw blankets. 

Excitement in the Air (aka on the Floor)

comfy navy multi rug

You know I love a good neutral, but I also love design elements that bring the fun! The Navy Multi area rug is not only one of the most comfortable rugs out there, but it is also fun and exciting! The patterns in the Navy Multi area rug make you want to grab your favorite people and have a party. It is a one-of-a-kind piece that will transform spaces with all neutral furniture that looking for some added interest and texture.

The Most Comfortable Rugs to Use Throughout Your Home

It’s time to cozy up and grab one of these rugs before they are gone. I promise you, they are the most comfortable rugs to use throughout your home. Follow me on Instagram and TikTok to see how I am styling all the rugs from my collaboration with Loloi.  Working together on this project has been a dream, and I am so proud of what we have created together! Remember, stop pinning. Start doing. That is when dreams come true. 

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