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5 Easy Home Project Ideas With Big Impact

5 Easy Home Project Ideas

With the new year fast approaching, I’ve been thinking about the things I want to create in 2022. This last year was full of big, challenging, and fun projects. So I can’t wait to see what the coming year brings. Do you have any big projects planned? Or maybe you’re just hoping to make some simple updates? Either way, I’m here to help. Let me start by sharing 5 easy home project ideas that make a big difference.

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Angela Rose Cabinet Door Line LAUNCH with Nieu Cabinets

Introducing the Angela Rose cabinet door line with Nieu Cabinets! I am so excited to finally share these doors with you so that YOU ALL can affordably have a custom designer-look kitchen…just by replacing your door fronts! My doors come in custom sizes and come PAINTED in any color (mine is Dream Dusk). Below is an FAQ for everything you need to know!

I’ve been working for months and months designing the perfect cabinet doors for your existing cabinet boxes (or ikea boxes). I designed the Angela Rose Slim Shaker and Angela Rose Slim Shaker Detail doors to take the classic shaker door and update it to mimic the current top designer looks. By slimming the width of the outer rail and slimming the depth, I gave a fresh and custom designer look to the timeless shaker door. It’s your favorite shaker, but elevated and AWESOME! Can’t wait to see you transform your spaces! Stop pinning. Start DOING!


What is refacing?

Refacing is the act of replacing all of your cabinet door and drawer faces with new ones in a fresh style and color. Not to be confused with refinishing, which is the act of having existing doors repainted. Often times, the cost to paint what you already have is more than replacing all the doors, but you’re still stuck with a cabinet door style you don’t LOVE! 

When refacing your kitchen, beyond just new doors and drawer faces, you can also order new end panels, trim pieces, light valence, toekick, including new hinges, drawer boxes, and floating shelves!

Why reface?

If you have perfectly great cabinet boxes but your doors just aren’t your style, why would you rip everything out and throw it away just to change your look? Refacing saves you time, money and headache, and you don’t have to eat takeout every day for months without a working kitchen! For many people, refacing is a project that can take a weekend with some help to switch out doors and drawer faces, and apply paint as needed. PLUS, it’s DIY friendly, and typically 50-60% less than ripping out your kitchen and starting over. It also isn’t money spent on painting cabinet doors you don’t like the style of! 

Before knowing the steps you’ll need to take to reface your kitchen, you’ll need to determine if you have a framed or a frameless kitchen! Here’s how to tell.

Framed Kitchens

More popular in the US than Canada, face framed kitchens, commonly called “framed” consist of cabinets that have a face frame around the cabinet opening, on which the cabinet door rests when closed. Amongst face framed kitchens there are a variety of hinge overlays – the most common being half or full overlay, or inset doors. The type of hinge overlay used on framed cabinets can also result in different looks of cabinetry as the doors cover up more or less of the frame. 

Many kitchens built around the 80s have half overlay hinges. When your doors are closed, a significant portion of the cabinet frame will show around the door. Some folks want a more seamless look in their kitchen, and want to change their doors to a full overlay door to cover up more of the frame and achieve a more modern look. 

Not sure which overlay you have? This video will help you determine your existing cabinet door hinge overlay.

Frameless Kitchens

Popular in Canada and Europe, frameless cabinets are often called Euro-Style cabinets. IKEA has made frameless cabinets a hit with DIYers as they are easy to assemble and install in a variety of spaces. Frameless cabinets don’t have a face frame, and use the wall of the cabinet box to mount hinges and drawer slides. A benefit of frameless cabinets is that the full interior of the cabinet is accessible, with no hindrance from a face frame.

How to reface a framed kitchen

The most common way to reface a framed kitchen is to paint the exteriors of the cabinet boxes and face frames with paint to match your Nieu doors. Older framed kitchens may have exposed hinges, but new soft close concealed hinges as well as drawer boxes and accessories can be installed to make your project go one step further! Trim pieces such as toe-kick, filler and panels can be ordered as well. Panels are often used to clad the sides of an island, peninsula or cabinet instead of painting for a factory smooth finish.

The two common door overlays are half or full overlay. To measure for half overlay doors, this video explains the measuring process. Full overlay doors are explained here

How to reface a frameless kitchen

DIY refacing of frameless cabinets is a straightforward process of replacing doors, drawer fronts, side panels, and toe-kick with custom made to measure materials. Most frameless kitchens use panels screwed on to the sides of those cabinets with exposed sides. By ordering new panels you can simply unscrew the existing panel and replace it with a new one made to match the color of your new doors. Toe-kicks and filler can be ordered to match your doors, and are easy to install. Hinges can be reused to save on cost or new soft-close hinges can be ordered and installed to give your doors a luxury feeling every time you close them. To learn how to measure to reface a frameless video, this video is helpful.

Budgeting for your kitchen refacing project

Nieu offers 16 cabinet door styles and a variety of standard paint colors to suit any design or budget! Having your cabinet doors arrive pre-painted is such a game changer and makes this project much more accessible for DIYers! If you’re looking to save even more, or are an experienced DIYer, you can also order their products raw/unfinished, or primed and finish and paint them yourself! For most DIYers, an at-home paint job won’t have that flawless finish like a cabinetry shop, so I love that the painting can be taken care of for you!

  • What is cabinet refacing? 
    • Keeping your existing cabinet boxes, and updating the door style AND color. They make doors, drawer faces, drawer boxes, panels, trim, filler, toekick and floating shelves!
  • Why reface instead of paint your existing doors?
    • Painting means you still are stuck with your current door style. If that’s really not your thing, then you can make a big impact by updating the style and color at once!
  • Nobody makes doors my size, I guess I can’t use Nieu?
    • Not true! All our products are custom made to your exact measurements. We do not require you to fit into standard sized doors! We can make doors to accommodate tiny houses or very large kitchens. 
  • What if I have exposed hinges and want hidden, soft close hinges? 
    • It’s doable! The Nieu Team has a video showing you how to measure for full overlay doors with hidden hinges.
  • I want to order panel ready appliances. Will Nieu supply the panels?
    • Yes! We can make panels for your appliances to match your Nieu doors.
  • Where can I use these doors?
    • Lots of places!
    • Kitchens
    • Bathroom vanities
    • Laundry room cabinets
    • Entertainment/media units
    • Built-in office units/bookcases
    • And more!
  • Are these doors compatible with IKEA cabinets?
    • Yes! You can send the Nieu Team your IKEA planner PDF and they will create your quote from that! 
    • They work with all IKEA cabinetry products including the new SEKTION kitchen system, or the discontinued AKURUM system. They also work with PAX (wardrobes), BESTA (media units) or GODMORGON (vanities).
  • What are the doors made of? 
    • MDF! It provides a high degree of paint adhesion, and is dent and chip resistant. It also holds up better to changes in heat and humidity, meaning the door won’t warp or crack your paint like solid woods can.
  • I have frameless cabinets – do these doors work? 
    • YES! We can accommodate frameless cabinets as well as framed. For framed cabinets we can accommodate half or full hinge overlay doors. 
  • I want to make my doors larger to hide more of my face frames. Can I do that? 
    • Yes! This will likely involve changing from a half to full overlay, as well as potentially making your doors slightly larger to reduce the reveal.
  • What about hinges?
    • Nieu sells soft-close hinges for a variety of overlays – and framed or frameless cabinets. Hinges are by Blum.
  • What about drawer boxes?
    • Nieu sells custom sized, wooden dovetail drawer boxes. These can replace old/stuck/broken drawers, or change a cabinet that is doors only into something more functional, like a Pot and Pan stack! 
  • I want to paint my doors myself. Do you offer options like that?
    • Yes – we offer our doors Raw (meaning you need to finish sand them, prime, then paint), as well as Primed doors, so you can just do the finishing painting yourself.

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It’s done it’s done! I finally finished the patio and I am so excited to share it with you. This space went from never being used in 5 years, to my favorite magical hangout. Are you ready to see this epic before and after? Of course you are!

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Projects for the Bedroom Makeover Winner

This post is sponsored by Lowe’s.

We are one week out from the DIY Dream Team flying to Georgia and making over Nicole’s master bedroom! It’s been a lot of preparation and planning, but we are ready. Think we can handle finishing it in the 3 days? I sure hope so! haha. I am excited for the projects we have planned for the space, so let me go into detail about what they are!

Before picture of her room:

Wall treatment

Nothing makes a bigger impact in a space than a wall treatment, and with a small budget. You know it’s my go to for every space, and we plan to do the same for Nicole’s bedroom. Here are a few of my favorite wall treatments I have done.

We are planning on doing something on all four walls since her room is an odd shape and we want to create balance. We also are planning on using a moody blue on the walls in the HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams paint. Here is our inspiration image.

Source: Studio McGee

Here are the wall and paint supplies we will use:

2. Art Piece

Another way I love to make a big impact with a budget is through a large scale art piece. Here are a few of my favorites that I have made.

How to DIY Shower Curtain Large Wall Art Angela Rose Home

Here is our inspiration image for the wall art we are planning.

Source: Leclair Decor

Here are the supplies we will use for the wall art:

3. Nightstand Hack

We love the look of THIS nightstand, but it is too short for her space. Ideally, beds and the nightstands should be within 4 inches of the same height. To solve this problem, we are going to add these legs to add to the height! Problem solved!

Safavieh Mallory Brown Acacia Nightstand

4. Paint paint paint

And the best DIY tool ever…PAINT! Nicole has a tray ceiling with a ton of detail. To update that area and disguise all that trim, we are going to paint the ceiling with HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams in a flat white Pure White.

We are also going to paint the walls in the same color to freshen up the space

Additionally, we will assemble some new furniture from Lowe’s the whole space is going to all come together!

I can’t wait! Stay tuned…

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Tips for Painting Contrast Trim

This post is sponsored by Lowe’s.

If you’ve been with me for longer than a few weeks, you know that I live in Las Vegas and have been battling with the awkward nooks and niches since moving in a few years ago. In most spaces I’ve removed them, but in my bedroom I have one nook left…and I came up with the perfect idea to work with it! I am about to show you progress on my master bedroom BUILT-IN desk nook with Lowe’s. The main element in this space is going to be some accent trim with a DIY wall, and of course a desk. Ready to see what I’ve been up to?

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How to Paint Your Tile Floor

This post is sponsored by Rust-Oleum

Are you ready to see the craziest floor transformation…and just with paint? Everyone has boring beige tile somewhere in their house, or maybe just some linoleum or vinyl that isn’t your favorite? It’s time to change that with my all time favorite DIY tool…paint! Check out this before and after and tutorial so you can learn how to paint your tile (or any floor really) with paint too.

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