How to Decorate Your Fireplace Mantel Like a Pro! 

During my most recent DIY project, I transformed my awkward nook into a beautiful electric fireplace feature wall! I took tons of inspiration from different designs and aesthetics to achieve this space! A fireplace is a focal point to a room, so how you decorate your mantel really matters. Even though I chose to add very minimal décor onto my mantel, I believe that this space is versatile enough to add all kinds of décor. I have rounded up a couple different styles so you’re bound to find something that fits your style!

Wall Art 

My favorite way to dress up a fireplace is with wall art. Hang some art above the fireplace like a canvas, wall print, or family photo. Highlight the colors of your room or totally switch it up and make a statement with a painting that brings in new colors. You can even have the best of both worlds and have your TV double as wall art like I did!  


One of the most common and classic ways to dress up a mantel is with a mirror. Why is that? Mirrors make a space look a lot more open and bring brightness into any room. Mirrors come in so many shapes and sizes. Whether your style is modern or mid-century, you’re bound to find an option that brings your space together! 


Candlesticks are an elegant way to make your fireplace feel more cozy. Modernize your candles by choosing different shapes, sizes, and colors

Wall Fixtures

Try thinking outside the box when decorating your fireplace, you don’t ONLY have to decorate on the mantel. Dress up your mantel by accessorizing either side of your fireplace! I love the look of sconces to frame a decorated mantel. 

Plants & Flowers 

Why not use your fireplace mantel to house your plants? If your fireplace sits in a room with lots of light, add some greenery! Or if you’re like me and don’t exactly have a green thumb, accessorize with faux plants. Adding some greens would also be a great way to freshen up your fireplace for spring! 

Turn your favorite quote into art 

It’s no secret that I love my inspirational quotes (IYKYK). In fact, I made my favorite quote into a wall! Frame some words from your favorite book, an art project your kids made, song lyrics, or a letter from a loved one and display it on your mantel! 

By now, you guys should have a great idea to style and decorate your fireplace mantel. I’m so excited for you to get creative and start decorating your mantel. Don’t be afraid to get outside your comfort zone and experiment with different shapes, designs, and concepts. By following these ideas, I am confident you will create a mantel that is perfect for YOU! 

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