The Best Area Rugs For Your Home

You guys know how much I love hardwood flooring in all the rooms in my house. No tile, no carpet, just my hardwood flooring! Although it’s a great flooring option to keep clean as a parent of three kids, it’s not the most cozy or comfortable thing to have under your feet. In order to add warmth to my space, I have an area rug in every single room of the house! Picking out the perfect area rug can be tricky, but I got you covered! 

Living Room Rug 

Our living room is very neutral– filled with beiges, browns, and whites. I wanted a pop of color, but not too much. The Blake Sky/Beige rug is a perfect mix of warm and cool tones that creates an almost neutral color palette which is so relaxing… and that’s EXACTLY how I want my living room to feel. 

Dining Room Rug

The dining space is one of the first rooms you see when you enter my house. The goal I had with this space was to create an inviting space that feels super modern. Because I completely transformed this room, choosing an area rug was a challenge to match the limewash walls, big window panels, and gold hues. Ultimately I chose the Natural/Black Colton rug because it definitely carries some traditional elements that still look sophisticated. 

Primary Bedroom Rug

I am still in the middle of transforming my bedroom, but wanted to make my primary bedroom all about me and really dug into my own personal style. The Aqua/Sand rug was the perfect pattern and matched the style of my room and really feels like its own art piece. Plus, my daughter Aubrey really wanted her rug to be in my room!

Blake’s Bedroom Rug

My son’s bedroom is a mix of modern and geometric styles while still being pretty minimalistic. When choosing a rug, I decided that a pattern rug would clash too much, but a solid rug was pretty underwhelming. We chose the Blake Taupe/Black rug because of the colors and texture. (Not to mention it is named after him).  

Colton’s Bedroom Rug

Colton’s bedroom has some similar vibes to Blake’s room but choosing a rug for him was a little bit easier since I had a clearer vision. We chose the Aubrey Sage/Bark rug that has neutral coloring with pretty geometric patterns.

Aubrey’s Bedroom Rug

The print of Aubrey’s rug totally matches the personality and girliness of a little girls room while still maintaining an elegance of a modern area rug. Although my daughter has different accents in her room, this rug is neutral enough to go with any decor if we switch it up. Plus the terracotta goes perfectly with her pink velvet bed!

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